Month: October 2019

Standings Going into Week 9

AFC East Patriots [8-0] Bills [ 5-2] Jets [1-6] Dolphins [0-7] West Chiefs [5-3] Raiders [3-4] Chargers [3-5] Broncos [2-6] North Ravens [ 5-2] Steelers [3-4] Browns [2-5] Bengals [0-8] South Colts [5-2] Texans [5-3] Jaguars [4-4] Titans [4-4] NFC East Cowboys [4-3] Eagles [4-4] Giants [2-6] Redskins […]

No Masks Needed Here

Halloween is normally a time for dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. For those of you who are foregoing the tradition and watching the undefeated Niners go against the Cardinals, this one is for you. San Francisco Overview In the first half of the season, the Niners have […]

Week 8 Recaps

WAS @ MIN – MIN Kirk Cousins had a 88.46% completion rate Thursday night. Despite being so accurate, MIN only won by 10 points. Even though, Case Keenum went out with a concussion, which turned the tide, WAS was still able to hold of the Vikings’ offense to […]

Week 8 Predictions


Our JPI predicts MIN easily winning this one. WAS allows on average 25.1 points per game while MIN allows an average of only 17.6 points per game. WAS was able to hold back the undefeated 49ers last Sunday in the rain. But will it be enough to hold back MIN, which is a top 10 team in the offensive JPI?