Should MIN Be Trembling With Fear Tonight?

Thursday Night Football is what gets me through the week. It makes Friday a little more bearable. The Vikings are coming off a three-win streak, and against the Redskins, they should be able to continue it.

It’ll be the third game since Washington’s former coach, Jay Gruden, was let go and replaced with Bill Callahan for the remainder of the year. Back in 2002, Callahan took the Oakland Raiders to the Superbowl, only to lose to the Buccaneers. Could he still have the leadership to bring the Redskins back to life? Will he be the coach to make them a less embarrassing team? Last week, Callahan won his first game as head coach. The team was playing the Miami Dolphins, an equally sad team. But nonetheless, the Redskins won their first game of the season.

However, they are going against the Minnesota Vikings this week. With Adam Thielen out for the game, Kirk Cousins will most likely be looking for Dalvin Cook. Cook has eight TD’s so far this season tying Aaron Jones for most TD’s this season, and he averages 5.5 yards per play. I’d be surprised if Cousins doesn’t look for Cook a lot on the field. I’m sure the Redskins know how powerful Cook is, so they may be defending him more hoping to prevent the Vikings from taking another W.

Last week was a mud bath against the undefeated San Francisco 49ers. That game had no touch downs, only three field goals, all of which were made by the Niners. Maybe it was the rain holding them back, or maybe it was Washington’s defense. Washington has allowed the 12th fewest passing yards on average per game, meaning that they are the 12th best passing defense. They certainly aren’t great, but they aren’t the bottom of the barrel. In comparison, the Buccaneers are the worst team when allowing passing yards. They allow an average of 304.5 yards a game. The Redskins’s 236 yards allowed doesn’t looks so bad now.

When it comes to rushing defenses, Washington has one of the worst. They allow 134.4 yards on average per game. For comparison, New England, whose defense is on fire right now, allows an average of 74.7 rushing yards per game. Washington allows almost twice what the Patriots allow.

Their opponents tonight allow 90 rushing yards on average per game. Minnesota’s rushing defense is in the top ten right now. And with Washington’s rushing offense toward the bottom, I don’t expect much of a rushing game from them. The Vikings are ranked top three for rushing, so it’d be surprising if they rush less than normal. With both teams allowing a similar amount of passing yards, it makes sense the whole game would have more passing plays than rushing.

Right now, Vegas has Minnesota winning by 16.5 points tonight with the combined points being 42. That being said, it should be an exciting game or at least a little bit more than boring. In every game this season, except for week 7, Washington has been able to score at least a field goal. And the Vikings have scored at least one touch down in each game.

The game starts at 5:20pm PST at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. At the end of the night, even if Washington can pull a miracle and a major upset, the Vikings will still be better than them, and they will continue to be a low ranked team.

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