Miami Dolphins Look to Break Their Winless Streak

This weekend, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Arthur Flannigan*. Flannigan is an avid fantasy football player, a die-hard Los Angeles Chargers fan, and a former fantasy football league commissioner. He also enjoys rooting for the underdog. Even though he is a Chargers fan, Flannigan had a few comments on the MIA v. PIT game.

When it comes to Monday night’s game, the MIA Dolphins will play in Pittsburg against none other than the PIT Steelers. Coming off a bye week, the Steelers will be looking to defend their home turf. However, Flannigan wholeheartedly believes in the Dolphins.

Since Miami is low on the totem pole, Flannigan believes that MIA is looking towards the future of their team through the potential of a successful coming draft.

“Miami should win because they will have this competitive fire because they want a better draft pick from the Steelers,” Flannigan says.

Currently, the Steelers are 2 and 5 while the Dolphins are sitting in a 0 – 6 record. Having no wins, the Dolphins are still able to score. In every game, except against the ferocious New England Patriots, the Dolphins managed to score at least six points. Their lowest scoring game was against Dallas, and their highest scoring game was 21 points against Buffalo.

The Buffalo Bills have one of the more impressive defenses this year. They are 5 – 1, and Miami was able to put up 21 points against them. Miami scored the most points that Buffalo has allowed so far this season.

Flannigan is set on Miami beating Pittsburgh despite what others say. However, he concedes slightly when it comes to PIT’s defense, but to him, the Steelers’s offense is what would shake the team to a loss.

“[The Steelers will lose] because their team is demoralized. They are 2 – 5, their back up QB doesn’t have enough experience to lift up their team, and they lost all their star players last year,” says Flannigan.

While Miami doesn’t have too many positive aspects, Flannigan found another way to cheer on the team.

“Their ability to still be an NFL team despite being compared to high school football…that resilience is what will get them through this one. And the fact that they almost won last week against the Redskins,” Flannigan says.

While Flannigan wants Miami to win their first game of the season, the JPI is rooting for the Steelers to take the win. We’ll see if Flannigan’s wish comes true Monday night at 5:15pm PST. It will be available to watch on ESPN.

*The name was changed at the interviewee’s request.

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