Five Things to Watch for Going into Week 9

WAS Redskins on the up

Since Bill Callahan took over, it seems like the Redskins are becoming more of a threat. They still aren’t the biggest and scariest team to face, but it seems like their defense is getting stronger. Their QB Case Keenum did leave last Thursday’s game due to injury. If he’s healthy on Sunday, the Redskins will put up a better fight against the Bills.

Cardinals get Drake

The Miami Dolphins traded Kenyan Drake to the Cardinals. With two key players injured on the Cardinals, this week could be Drake’s time to shine on the team. However, Drake can be inconsistent, so will he be Arizona’s secret weapon against the 49ers?

Nagy and his calls

Nagy stands by his decision to kneel the ball at the end of last week’s game. He had the option to move the ball closer to the end zone so their kicker, Eddy Pineiro, could have a shorter distance, but Nagy kneeled the ball. Chicago was once a good team. They had a good defense and a reasonable offense. If you ask almost any Bears fan, they’ll say this was supposed to be their year. So, watch out for Nagy’s play calls. They could either help the team immensely or hurt them significantly.

MIA’s defense is actually defending

Look at the past two Miami Dolphins games. It appears that the Dolphins’s defense is starting to come together and be a team. Last week, they managed to pressure Mason Rudolph into a poor performing first quarter. Week before that they held the Bills to a 10 point win. While MIA struggles offensively, their defense is improving. The Jets, while not a great team has won more games than Miami, give MIA a perfect chance to show the league how they’re improving.

No Joe

The Broncos’s star QB, Joe Flacco, is out due to a neck injury, and Brandon Allen will be the QB for Denver against Cleveland. In a post-game interview last Sunday, Flacco urged the Broncos to go after the ball and play more aggressively. With a 2-6 record, he notes how there’s nothing left to lose. Even if his comments were enough to start a fire in the team, with rookie Allen, most likely the team will play it safe. You can find Flacco’s interview here.

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