Week 9 Predictions


SF is undefeated having won all seven of their games. Arizona has lost more games than they have won. With only having allowed seven offensive TD’s this entire season, the Niners are a sure fire win.


HOU allows an average of 23.5 points per game while getting themselves 26.5. JAX is close behind averaging 20.4 points allowed and scoring 26.1 points. While JAX may allow fewer points on average, HOU is able to get more points. Needless to say, the game should be close with HOU ending up on top.


After Chicago’s loss last week, they’ll be desperate for a win. The JPI predicts the game to be extremely close, maybe as close as their game against the Chargers. Both teams are fairly equal in talent and skill. However, we expect a few surprise calls from Nagy. Hopefully, Chicago can get back in the rhythm of things and win.


MIN won against the Redskins last week. But KC isn’t WAS. KC is better, and more skilled. However, they aren’t what they were last season. KC makes more passing yards, but MIN gets more rushing yards. And MIN’s defense is arguably better than KC’s. They allow a low 16.5 points per game whereas the Chiefs allow a significantly higher 22.6.


At 5-2, IND is used to winning while PIT is used to winning with a 3-4 record. The Steelers have allowed 12 passing TD’s and four rushing. Interestingly, the Colts have allowed 11 passing TD’s and five rushing. Despite having evenly matched defenses, the Colts’s offense is what makes them a better choice to win. They can get more yardage, which could translate to more 1st downs.


Both teams are not good this year. However, since NYJ have won a game unlike MIA, we expect them to win this game. They both score on average 11 points per game, but Miami’s defense is extremely weak compared to the Jets’s. Sure, Monday night, the Dolphins were able to shake up the Steelers a bit, but they couldn’t keep it up. Most likely, MIA will score in the game but not as much as the Jets.


WAS is on the up. They’ve been able to step up and become more a team. It looks like their defense and offense is improving under the new interim head coach. But Buffalo is the best pick. They allow 17 points on average while securing 19. WAS has averaged 24.4 allowed points this season and scoring only 12.5 points on average.


TEN had luck last week, but their luck is sure to run out. CAR has one of the best defenses, or at least it’s better than TEN’s. TEN isn’t producing as many yards or points as CAR. While CAR will most likely win this one, TEN should be able to keep it from being a blow out.


Across the JPI board, OAK is a higher ranked team than DET. While both teams have won three games, DET has a slightly worse defense than the Raiders’s, and OAK’s rushing offense is stronger than the Lions’s defense. While we think Oakland will win, most likely it will be one possession game.


This should be a high scoring game. Both teams allow over 25 points on average and both teams manage to score over 25 points themselves. Looking at their records, TB is 2-5 while SEA is 6-2. This difference is crucial because it shows that while Seattle does allow a lot points, it doesn’t seem to hinder them. TB has the opposite outcome for allowing so many points; they lose.


Green Bay is a power house this season. The Chargers have won about 38% of their games while the Packers have taken 88%. For this week, the JPI ranks GB’s defense #10 with LAC down at #28. Defense alone, GB is a stronger team. They’ve sacked more, and they’ve intercepted more. The Packers have made 26 TD’s this season compared to the Chargers modest 16 shows the Packers also have a strong offense. Even though the Chargers can beat the Bears, most likely they won’t be able to beat the Packers.


Cleveland has managed to hold back impressive teams. They held back the Patriots to a 14 point win, and they kept the Seahawks to a four point win. DEN may allow fewer yards, but they lack in gaining yardage. CLE isn’t afraid to make plays to gain the yards they need. We expect DEN to continue to be reserved when it comes to their offensive gain, costing them another loss.


Coming off a bye week, the Ravens will be ready to win. However, against the number one team right now, they’re more than likely to lose. New England is undefeated and is known for a stunning defense. While their offense is a little better than average, their defense is a major play in their wins. They’ve only allowed four offensive touch downs all season.


DAL is one of the top teams when gaining yards both passing and rushing. They’re also decent at preventing their opponents’ offense. When it comes to their offense, the Giants are a middle ranked team, but it’s their defense what screws them. They allow an average of 27.2 points while DAL allows only 17.7.

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