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Halloween is normally a time for dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. For those of you who are foregoing the tradition and watching the undefeated Niners go against the Cardinals, this one is for you.

San Francisco Overview

In the first half of the season, the Niners have scored a total of 207 points and 24 touch downs. They are undefeated with a record of 7-0, and it seems like they can play through almost anything. Their game against the Washington Redskins has been deemed the “Mud Bowl,” and they won in the pouring rain and slippery mud. In seven games, they’ve had 155 1st downs. 80 of their 1st downs have been passing whereas 63 have been rushing 1st downs. Not only is their offense taking off, their defense has kept their opponents to a combined 87 1st downs this season.

We should appreciate the strength of their defense. Their last game against the Carolina Panthers was predicted to be a close game, or at least an exciting game. Instead, San Francisco sacked QB Kyle Allen seven times. That is approximately one quarter of their total sacks this season! Their corner back, Richard Sherman has three interceptions, and linebacker Fred Warner has 39 tackles.

Offensively, San Francisco is also a beast. Jimmy G has 1,489 passing yards and has thrown nine of their 24 touch downs. But he has thrown seven interceptions and been sacked 11 times. Last Sunday, Tevin Coleman was on fire. He scored four touch downs. The 49ers look like they aren’t getting tired and they aren’t ready to lose.

Arizona Cardinals Overview

The Cardinals recently welcomed Kenyan Drake to the team. Drake previously played for the win-less Miami Dolphins. With David Johnson injured with an ankle injury last week, Kenyan is another good running back option.

Currently, the Cardinals are 3-4-1. They won one home game against the Atlanta Falcons in week six, but in weeks three and four, they lost two home games to the Carolina Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks. They tied their season opener with the Detroit Lions. So a second win at home is what they’ll be fighting for.

Let’s talk player stats. Quarter back Kyler Murray has 1,998 passing yards this season, David Johnson has 300 rushing yards, Larry Fitzgerald has 447 receiving yards, and line back has 79 tackles. Sure these number are close to San Francisco’s, but compared to them, Arizona can’t seem to score – well or often.

Arizona has only scored 170 total points this season and 15 touch downs. When it comes to 1st downs, Arizona allows more than they can gain themselves. They’ve allowed 192 1st downs to their opponents while only getting 155 1st downs. The Cardinals have about twice as many passing first downs as rushing ones. 94 passing and 48 rushing 1st downs makes me think Arizona will have a hard time in tonight’s game. San Francisco is ranked number one in passing yards allowed. They allow the least amount of passing yards.

Match Up Analysis

The spread of the game is around -9.5 SF with an OU of 43. Simply put, people think the 49ers will win by 9.5 points and the combined total points will be 43.

Both teams have played the Cincinnati Bengals and the Carolina Panthers. Obviously, the Niners beat both teams, but Arizona lost to the Panthers and won against the Bengals. Since the Niners beat the Panthers, who defeated Arizona, in some ways, it shows that the Niners are better than Arizona and should win. As seen in the graphic below, San Francisco is at the top of the food chain.

The 49ers beat the Panthers, and the Panthers beat the Cardinals.

Comparing running backs, Breida has one touch down, and Johnson has two touch downs. But Breida has nearly 150 more rushing yards than Johnson. Receivers wise, Kittle has one touch down, and Fitzgerald has two touchdowns. But again, like the RB’s, San Francisco has more yards. Maybe this is why they have more 1st downs than the Cardinals do…

The Halloween game between the number one team and the number four team in the NFC West will take place in Arizona. According to the FanDuel Sports Book, 84% of people think the Niners will win, and 16% believe the Cardinals will win. The JPI has this game being less than scary with the 49ers winning and becoming 8-0. Kickoff is at 5:20pm PST.

*All stats are from ESPN unless otherwise noted

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