Month: November 2019

New York Jets or Titans of New York

Even though they are the “New York Jets,” they are headquartered in Florham, New Jersey. Originally, they were the “Titans of New York,” and they joined the NFL during the merger in 1970. The name was changed in 1963. They were the first AFL team to beat an […]

Week 13 Predictions

Aaron Rodgers is significantly better than Daniel Jones. Rodgers has two interceptions while Jones has eight. Even though GB doesn’t have a strong defense, their offense keeps the ball and is able to score in the end zone, which is something hard for NYG. After all, the Packers are 8-3 while the Giants are 2-9.

Goff Could Learn From Jackson

Ravens’s quarterback, Lamar Jackson isn’t 23 years old yet, but he’s turning heads. He’s fierce, and he’s good. He is definitely an improvement from Joe Flacco (who’s now on the Denver Broncos). And Jared Goff of the LA Rams has never been exceptional, even last year when the […]