Giants Aren’t so Giant

There were more than a few surprising upsets on Sunday. To name a few, the Ravens beat the Patriots, Miami has their first win, the LA Chargers defeated the GB Packers. Will this trend continue tonight? Will the Giants upset the Cowboys?

Records alone, Dallas is the sure-fire win. They have won twice as many games and lost half as much. At 4-3, DAL will be looking to grow the gap between number of wins and losses, and the Giants haven’t won a game since September, meaning they’re coming off a four-game losing streak. They’ll be hungry for a win.

Dallas Cowboys Strengths

Dallas is ranked number 4 for passing and rushing offense. The Cowboys score on average 7.3 more points per game than the Giants, and they have a 70.6% passing rate, which is significantly more than Daniel Jones’s 62.5%. DAL’s QB, Prescott has 12 touch downs and 2,123 yards, and RB Ezekiel Elliott has 602 net yards. WR Amari Cooper has five touch downs and 621 yards. He averages 16.3 yards per play.

All together, those players contribute to the team’s 172 1st downs and strong 51.85% 3rd down efficiency. The team this season grabbed 3,145 total yards and an average of 449.3 yards per game. And worth noting, their defense allows an average of only 17.7 points per game.

Dallas Cowboys Weeknesses

Kicker Maher has only a 71.4% completion rate. He’s missed two 50+ field goal attempts, a 40-49 yard field goal, two 30-39 yarders. While 71.4% is still a solid rate, games have been known to come down to field goals. However, in week one, Maher did well against the Giants. Another thing to note is that the Cowboys did lose to the New York Jets. They gave the Jets their only win of the season.

New York Giants Strengths

Saquon Barkley and Evan Engram are leaders in the NFL. Barkley is the 11th best RB this season, and teammate Engram is 6th in TE’s. Arguably, both players make the team. They’ve helped the Giants get their 160 1st downs and 40.40% 3rd down efficiency.

New York Giants Weaknesses

The Giants have only 21 touch downs this season, and their kicker, Rosas, only made four of six field goals. Their defense previously showed that it isn’t strong enough for the Cowboys. Last time the teams met, Dallas won 35-17. New York has given 3,247 net yards to their opponents, which is 406 more yards than they’ve gotten themselves. To continue the theme of being giving, the Giants allow 27.3 points per game on average and 405.9 yards. The Cowboys gain significantly more passing and rushing yards than the Giants allow.

With NYG’s offense up against DAL’s defense, I’d be surprised if the Giants have a lot of action on the field. Vice versa, DAL’s offense with NYG’s defense, I expect DAL to get yards and make moves. Tonight at 5:15pm PST in New Jersey, we’ll find out if the Giants continue the upset theme of the week and break their losing streak.

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