Is OAK a Better Team Despite Being the Underdog?

An AFC West divisional game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders will take place tonight at 5:20pm PST. Both teams have won four games, but the Chargers have yet to have their bye week, so they’ve lost one more game than the Raiders. With a 4-4 record, OAK has a slightly bit better win percentage than the Chargers who are 4-5. Let’s examine the teams side by side.

Now that we gathered a few stats, we can start to see who is ahead and who isn’t. Each team will receive one point for each stat category in which they are better. At the end, we’ll total up all the points per team and see who has the better score.

For the majority of categories, a point will be given to the team with the higher number. However, a point will be given to the team with the lower number in Passing TDs Allowed, Rushing TDs allowed, Total Passing Yards Allowed, and Total Rushing Yards Allowed. For the Passing TDs/Rushing TDs, a point will be given to the team with the higher combined TDs. In case of both teams having the same number, they will both receive a point. Okay, now let’s see how the teams did.

Oh no! It’s a tie! Both teams received a score of seven. Looks like we’ll need a tie breaker. For the tie breaker, we’ll use the kickers’ stats because a good amount of the time, games can come down to a missed field goal. The team with the highest completion percentage will receive a point.

Looks like the Raiders win this point. With a completion rate of 77.8%, they receive the point and now have a total of eight points in our comparison. So, given that they won the brief comparison, they could have the better team. Both teams have both played the six same teams this season. OAK won four of those, and LAC won three of the six. Despite this, LAC is the favorite. It will certainly be a close game. We’ll find out who wins tonight: the favorite or underdog.

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