Week 10 Recaps

24 LAC – 26 OAK

In the first quarter, OAK led by 10, only to have LAC score two touch downs in second quarter. However, OAK managed to get another touch down in the 2nd quarter.

27 NYG – 34 NYJ

The game volleyed back and forth: Jets scored twice, Giants scored twice. However, the Jets were able to score one more touch down than the Giants could match.

26 ATL – 9 NO

Atlanta caused one of the biggest upsets this week. Prior to this game, the Falcons were 1-7, and the Saints were 7-1. Somehow, ATL kept NO to nine points, made from three FGs. Perhaps NO still hadn’t fully adjusted to Brees and Kamara being back, so they weren’t on their best game.

32 KC – 35 TEN

Another surprising upset. Mahomes was back in action for the Chiefs. Despite KC having more 1st downs, they lost by three points. Ahead by five with 3:14 left on the clock, TEN hadn’t given up. Humphries caught a 22-yard pass from Tannehill, and then Tannehill secured a two-point conversion, leading them to victory over KC.

16 CAR – 24 GB

CAR had two turnovers that probably cost them the game. Green Bay had fewer plays and fewer net yardage, but they pulled out a W. The Panthers were the first team to score a touch down, and they scored a touch down again in the third quarter. However, GB, who entered 7-2, held them from answering any more points.

49 BAL – 13 CIN

The #2 team in the AFC and the only team to defeated the NE Patriots beat the winless Bengals (shocker). After a shut out, BAL is now 7-2, and CIN is 0-9.

27 ARI – 30 TB

TB entered with fewer wins than their opponent, only to leave with a 3-6 record. Both teams were evenly matched, and despite TB having one more turnover, they managed to win by three.

16 BUF – 19 CLE

The surprising Browns upset the capable Bills. The Bills had a touch down and a safety followed by a second touch down. However, Cleveland took a different path. A TD in the 1st quarter, FG in the 2nd and 3rd, and a TD in the 4th.

13 DET – 20 CHI

Chicago’s four-game losing streak finally came to an end, and surely Stafford being out helped. Scoring all their TDs in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, the Bears took lead. Trubisky was more accurate with his throws towards Braunecker this game, which led to Braunecker getting a TD.

16 MIA – 12 IND

The Miami Dolphin won their second game in a row, which was also their second win of the season. A rather low scoring game had the Colts with more yards and more 1st downs but with also more turnovers. MIA has been able to score in eight of their nine games, and so, it was no surprise the scored in this one. However, it was surprising that they held the Colts to two FG and a TD.

12 LAR – 17 PIT

The Rams scored one touchdown while the Steelers scored two. Clearly, the Rams aren’t what they were last season at this time. Last season, they were 9-1 after week 10. Now, they’re 5-4. In a rather fairly matched game, PIT held onto the ball with two fewer turnovers, and they won by five.

28 MIN – 24 DAL

MIN steadily scored in each quarter of the game while DAL struggled in the 1st. However, in the 2nd quarter, the Cowboys did make a comeback with two touch downs. The Cowboys offense did well against one of the top ten defenses since they got about 60 more net yards despite having fewer 1st downs. However, in the close game, DAL’s turn over may have cost them the game.

27 SEA – 24 SF

In a close game, there are no more undefeated teams. At the end of regular time, it was 24 – 24, and in over time, Wilson threw a pic, McLaughlin missed a FG, and then in the last seconds, the Seahawks make a FG. The 49ers are now defeated, but they still remain the #1 team in the NFC and NFC West. And Seattle continues to be close on their tail still in #2 in the NFC West.

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