No Matter What Happens the SF 49ers Will Remain #1 in NFC West

Even if the Seattle Seahawks beat the San Francisco 49ers, the 49ers will continue to be number one in the NFC West. So, this game won’t be about moving divisional standings, but it will be about if the Seahawks is the team to beat the undefeated 49ers. Currently, the Seahawks are number two in the division with a 7-2 record. So, out of all the teams in the NFC West, the Seahawks have the best chance of dethroning the Niners.

Last year, without Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers were 4-12. During Jimmy G’s time as a starter for the 49ers, he’s been 14-2, with a 6-0 record at home. So, he’ll be looking to be 7-0 at home. Despite being on an undefeated team, Garoppolo is 21st in the league when it comes to net yards. He has 1,806 yards, and a 70.8 completion rate. He averages eight passing yards per play, and he has 13 of the team’s 26 touch downs. However, the Seahawks are arguably the best team the 49ers will go against in the first ten weeks of the season. QB Russell Wilson has 702 more yards than Jimmy G. and averages more yards per play (8.5). However, Wilson’s competition rate is 68.3%. Wilson has 22 touch downs to his one interception. With these two strong quarterbacks, it’ll be a good game.

Jimmy G. up against the Seahawks passing defense should be unsurprising. Seattle allows 25.6 points on average a game and 278.1 yards. They’ve allowed 11 passing touch downs, but they’ve managed seven interceptions and 15 sacks. 15 sacks doesn’t make them have one of the best defenses, but it does count for something. Garoppolo has been sacked 12 times this season, which averages to about 1.5 sacks per game. So, it is possible Seattle’s defense will sack San Fran’s QB.

Seattle’s rushing defense is similarly skilled to their passing D. 12 rushing touch downs and an average of 102.7 rushing yards per game has slipped through their D line. However, their defense isn’t that bad. In comparison, the winless Bengals has allow 177.6 yards per game, and the Buccaneers allow 78.1 yards. So, Seattle is settled in the top 15 teams for rushing yards allowed. Matt Breida is the best running back on the 49ers. Although he is questionable with injury, he has a history of quickly recovering and getting back on the field. It’s barely past half point of the season, and Breida is already doing better than his previous two seasons. He only has one touch down so far, but he has helped the team get 524 yards. Against the Seahawks rushing defense, Breida is sure to have a big game.

The 49ers’s defense allows 12.8 points per game and 138.1 passing yards per game, which is the fewest yards allowed in the NFL. The newly defeated New England Patriots allow 150.2 passing yards, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers allow 293.5 yards. So the Niners allow less than half of what the Buccaneers allow and lead the Patriots by about 12 yards. SF has only allowed 10 offensive touch downs: seven passing and three rushing. With 22 passing touch downs and eight rushing ones, the Seahawks have a good chance to score a touch down or two during the game. Last week, when the 49ers played the Cardinals, they allowed three touch downs to the Cardinals who are not nearly as coordinated as the Seahawks. We expect Seattle to tire San Francisco’s defense, but maybe not tire them out. After all, San Francisco is number one in passing defenses.

The 49ers’s rushing defense is one of their weaker aspects. They’re not in the top ten, and combined with the Seahawks top ten offensive rush, they’ll most likely let a few plays past them. During week 8, the 49ers played the Panthers and scored over 50 points. At the time, the Panthers were the best team the Niners played with having a 4-3 record. However, the Seahawks are 7-2, so 77.77% win percentage is significantly higher than the Panthers’s then-win-percentage of 57%. Most likely, it won’t be an easy for the 49ers, and they’ll have to work harder than before to stay undefeated.

Currently, SF is predicted to win by six points, so either one touch down or two field goals. We’ll find out if they will tonight at 5:15pm PST.

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