In the Name of Purple and Gold

Prince recorded the song “Purple and Gold” in 1984, which was later adopted by the Minnesota Vikings to be a fight song. The team debuted back in 1961, and since, they have made 29 playoff appearances. They even made history three years ago in 2016 when they drafted the first European player ever without having previously played at any level in North America. German-native Moritz Bohringer began as a wide receiver for Minnesota but now plays as a tight end for the Cincinnati Bengals. Currently, the Vikings are 2nd in the NFC North with seven wins and two losses.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins has been with the Vikings since 2018, and it seems he’s adjusted nicely. This season, he has 2,437 net yards and a 69.1% completion rate that’s contributed to his 18 touchdowns. Before the start of the season, it was speculated that the Vikings’s O line struggled to protect Cousins. This season, since week one, Cousins has been sacked 17 times. He ended the 2018 season with a total of 40 sacks, which averaged to 2.5 sacks a game. So after his nineth game of this season, he is averaging fewer sacks per game than last year. Therefore, it looks like that the O line is getting better at protecting their QB.

Him partnered with running back Dalvin Cook and wide receiver Stefan Diggs has made Minnesota’s offense one of the top teams. Cook has 991 rushing yards, which is the most yards for RBs in the NFL. Diggs has the 8th most receiving yards in the league coming in at 759. And all three of them have helped get 13 rushing touchdowns and 18 passing ones for a total of 31 touchdowns in the first ten weeks of the season. No wonder they average 26.2 points per game, and because of this, they are the nineth highest scoring team.

Linebacker Eric Kendricks has the most tackles on the team stacking up 80 tackles. And their defense allows only 18.2 points game on average. That is only 5.4 more points than the #1 team in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers. However, they have allowed 2,419 net passing yards and 912 net rushing, which led to 18 passing touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns. By allowing less than half as many passing yards, their rushing defense is in the top ten. With nine interceptions and two fumbles, the Vikings are able to fend for themselves.

Looking at last Sunday’s game against Dallas, the Vikings pulled a mild upset. A good number of people predicted DAL to win the game given they have one of the best offenses. But Minnesota held them off and left with another W. They had three more first downs than the Cowboys for a total of 27 and they accumulated to 364 net yards. With zero turnovers and 33:27 minutes of possession, they kept Dallas at bay. Playing the Cowboys resulted an increase in performance from the week before against the Kansas City Chiefs. Minnesota ended up losing that game, but going against similarly ranked teams (DAL and KC going into week ten both had won five games) served as a base line to see their improvement. During the game against the Chiefs, the Vikings had 17 1st downs and 308 net yards with 28:12 minutes of possession time. THe Vikings were able to gain 10 more 1st downs and 56 more yards against the Cowboys, which helped them have nearly five more minutes with the ball.

On Sunday, November 17th, the Vikings will be home to defend against the Broncos. Up against the Broncos, most likely they will win and become 8-3.

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