Mascots: Part I

Baltimore Ravens – Poe, Rise and Conquer

The mascot is a raven named after Edgar Allen Poe. Poe, the mascot, isn’t the only mascot of the team. Rise and Conquer is Baltimore’s second mascot.

Buffalo Bills – Billy Buffalo

You guessed it! Billy Buffalo is a buffalo, but not just any buffalo. He is an 8-foot-tall blue American Buffalo. His uniform number is BB, and he has been with the team since 2000.

Cincinnati Bengals – Who Dey

Who Dey is supposed to represent a Bengal Tiger.

Cleveland Browns – Chomps, Swagger, Brownie the Elf

The team sure loves dogs. Chomps is a dog-like figure, and Swagger is a real-live bull mastiff dog. He made his debut in 2014.

Denver Broncos – Miles, Thunder II

Miles is a white bronco-like figure, and like the Browns, the Broncos have a live-animal mascot. Thunder II is a live Arabian horse that runs around the field with a rider.

Houston Texans – Toro

Despite being the youngest team in the NFL, the Texans were able to grab a solid mascot. Toro is a dark blue bull wearing a uniform. He made his first appearance in April 2001 and is a Taurus.

Indianapolis Colts – Blue

A colt is a horse, so their mascot, Blue, is a blue horse-like figure. He was introduced in 2006, making him 13 years old. Blue is known for being at odd with the Denver Bronco’s mascot, Miles. Footage in 2017 has the two being competitive in a Papa John’s commercial.

Jacksonville Jaguars – Jaxson de Ville

Jaxson de Ville is an anthropomorphic (two legged) jaguar. He normally wears sunglasses with his uniform, which his number is 00. He is known for his big wardrobe and being incredibly interactive with the team and crowd.

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