Mascots: Part II

Kansas City Chiefs – K.C. Wolf, Warpaint

K.C. Wolf is a grey wolf who likes to sport Kansas City Chiefs paraphernalia. Warpaint is a live paint horse to help raise spirit.

Los Angeles Chargers – Bolt Man

The LA Chargers used to have a mascot, but they currently don’t have one. Bolt Man was the former mascot.

Miami Dolphins – T.D.

T.D. has been around since 1997. He’s was a winning entry of a “Name the Mascot” contest. T.D. stands for “The Dolphin.”

New England Patriots – Pat Patriot

Good ‘ole Pat is a solider of the American Revolution. Dating back to 1993, Pat Patriot has been an iconic mascot and logo of the team.

New York Jets – None

The New York Jets join the LA Chargers with having no mascot.

Oakland Raiders – Raider Rusher

Raider Rusher was unveiled in 2013 and is one of the more animated mascots in the league. He came from a cartoon series called “NFL Rush Zone,” which was produced by NFL and Nickelodeon. The Raiders took him on in hopes of becoming more appealing to kids.

Pittsburgh Steelers – Steely McBeam

Steely is a steelworker wearing a hard hat. He is based on the team’s logo back in the early ’50’s to the early ’60’s.

Tennessee Titans – T-Rac

T-Rac is a raccoon, which is the official state animal. The spirited raccoon is at every home game and is known to zip-line from the top of the stadium and to repel down building in downtown Nashville.

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