PIT v CLE Match Up Analysis

In their last eight meetings, the Steelers are 7-0-1 against the Browns. The Browns won last week when they played the Bills in a 19-16 game. However, Cleveland isn’t consistent. They’re offense and defense is full of surprises. They beat the Ravens but lost to the Broncos. The Ravens are one of the strongest teams this season, and the Broncos are one of the worst. So, winning against one and losing against the other isn’t a sure-tell of how they’ll play tonight with the Steelers.

Minkah Fitzpatrick, since joining the team in week three, has tremendously improved Pittsburgh’s team. With him, they’ve been 5-2. Prior to him, the team allowed 30.5 points on average per game, and with Fitzpatrick, they haven’t allowed more than 26. He is known for his turnovers on the team, and Mayfield is susceptible to turnovers. There’s a good chance the two of them will cause a game changer.

The Steelers’s rushing game isn’t what you’d expect it to be with James Conner. Due to injuries, he hasn’t had an eventful season. However, he practiced this week, so here’s hoping he gets to play tonight. Against Cleveland, who has the 27th rushing defense, Conner is sure to get higher numbers than he has as of late.

The Miami Dolphins were able to pressure Mason Rudolph back in week eight. While the Steelers did end up the winners, Rudolph’s first quarter was scary, which shows that he isn’t good under pressure. If the Browns’s defense can pressure him, the game will tip more in their favor.

Pittsburgh is #2 with Cleveland #3 in the AFC North. However, no one will change place in their division no matter the outcome of the game. The Steelers will be looking to continue their win streak while the Browns will be looking for another win. Catch the game tonight at 5:20pm PST.

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