Is Nick Foles Going to Be a Blessing or Curse for the Jaguars?

Back in week one, Nick Foles broke his collarbone and is now healed enough to play this week against IND. Foles signed a four-year $88 million contract with the Jaguars during his off season. Last year, Foles played for the Philadelphia Eagles as Carson Wentz’s backup, only to be starter after Wentz’s season-ending injury. Foles had a 10-3 record as starter and took them to the Super Bowl, resulting in a win against the New England Patriots.

When Jacksonville signed him, they hoped he would be an improvement from Blake Bortles. However, the injury in week one surprised everyone. Gardner Minshew II stepped in and he did well for being a rookie. Foles began practicing again after his injury towards the end of October and now looks ready to play. He has the best record for starting November games than any other quarterback (he even beats Tom Brady). He will be looking to grow his November 10-2 record.

While he wont have the same players supporting him as he did last season with the Eagles, he will have a couple key players on the Jaguars. Leonard Fournette and DJ Chark are league top players in their positions, however, JAX’s tightend could use some improvement.

Foles is getting back in the game just in time to give the Jaguars a chance at making playoffs.

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