Mascots: Part IV

Minnesota Vikings – Viktor

Yes, Viktor is a viking. His looks are based on caricature qualities similar to the team’s logo.

New Orleans Saints – Gumbo, Sir Saint

Gumbo is another dog mascot. He is a Saint Bernard Dog that was gifted to the team from the Louisiana Restaurant Association. Sir Saint is the team’s second mascot. Sir Saint is a saint adorned in the team’s colors.

New York Giants – None

The Giants are another team without a mascot.

Philadelphia Eagles – Swoop

Swoop is an eagle. According to his bio, he was born in Neshaminy State Park as a true bird. He was later given an Eagles jersey that magically turned him more humanoid.

San Francisco 49ers – Sourdough Sam

Sourdough Sam simply wears a jersey and is number 49. He has a cowboy hat and brown boots.

Seattle Seahawks – Blitz, Boom, Taima

Since one mascot wasn’t enough for the team, Blitz and Boom are anthropomorphic birds, and Taima is a real augur hawks that is sometimes thought to be an osprey, but is a buteo.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Captain Fear

The Captain is a pirate-like figure that’s based off of a caricature. His blue eyes, black hair, thick, dark eyebrows, and full beard are part of his signature look spanning back to 2000.

Washington Redskins – None

And the Redskins are another mascot-less team.

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