Week 12 Predictions

IND @ HOU (-3); O/U 45

Both teams are 6-4. IND has a higher ranked rushing offense, but they have a much lower passing offense. And their defense is slightly better than HOU. However, they are only slightly better. HOU’s overall offense is stronger and it may be what the game comes down to.

MIA @ CLE (-9.5); O/U 43

MIA has won two games this season whereas CLE has won four. Despite MIA’s slow improvement, they still won’t be able to match CLE.

DET (-6.5) @ WAS; O/U 44

One-Win-Washington will be going against DET without Stafford. However, WAS’s weak defense will allow DET to score. WAS allows on average 25.3 points per game and only manages 12.5 themselves.

OAK (-9) @ NYJ; O/U 44

OAK is improving. They’re defense is getting better it seems. However, the unlucky Jets won’t be able to stop the Raiders. The Raiders’s offense is more than capable in beating the Jets’s defense.

NYG @ CHI (-6.5); O/U 41

CHI needs a win. Last Sunday against the Rams didn’t go in favor of CHI. While Trubisky takes a lot of heat for the offense, it’s not all him. But, going against one of the worst defenses, they should be able to score enough to win their fifth game of the season.

CAR @ NO (-3); O/U 46

New Orleans has one of the best offenses in the league. And Caroina doesn’t have a great defense. Together, they’re sure end up with the Saints winning.

SEA (-13) @ PHI; O/U 49

While the Seahawks have a weak passing defense, their have a solid rushing defense. Or at least it should be strong enough to stop the Eagles. The Eagles rushing game is stronger than their passing, and their passing defense is weak. SEA’s passing game is stronger than their defense, so more than likely, the SEA will pull this off.

TB @ ATL (-0.5); O/U 53

ATL is coming off two wins against NO and CAR. If they keep it up, they’ll be victorious against TB.

DEN @ BUF (-0.5); O/U 37

Denver has a strong defense in both passing and rushing. But their offense is weak. They keep loosing the ball, and that will cause BUF to win this week.

PIT (-3.5) @ CIN; O/U 41

Winless-Cincinnati has a weak defense and weak offense. No surprise if PIT wins.

JAX @ TEN (-0.5); O/U 40

Nick Foles is back. However, it seems like the team hasn’t fully adjusted to him after Minshew Mania. This un-settlement may cause the team to lose another game.

DAL @ NE (-6); O/U 43

NE is still a strong team. And DAL has a weak defense. However, DAL has sa strong offense, one of the best. So, NE’s defense will have to step up to stop DAL.

GB @ SF (-6); O/U 45

Both strong teams. However, the Packers’s defense is weak (their offense carried their wins), so the 49ers are sure to score on them.

BAL (-3.5) @ LAR; O/U 48

BAL is on fire lately. And LAR is not. It’s expected for the Ravens to beat the Rams. LAR allows 235.5 passing yards per game, and BAL allows 238.6. But QB Lamar is a running man, so BAL’s rushing game will be too strong for LAR to control.

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