Texans Rematch Colts for 1st Place in AFC South

One month ago, we were watching the same matchup: the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. Back in October, the Colts won by seven, and both teams entered having won four games. And going into tonight, both teams have won six games.

Comparing both QB’s of tonight, it looks like HOU’s Watson takes more risks. He’s thrown 331 attempts and six interactions. But risk isn’t always bad. He’s completed 2601 yards and 18 touchdowns, and Watson has 69.5 completion rate. Brissett has a 64.6 completion rate, and he’s made less attempts – only 260 attempts.

Despite this lower amount of attempts, the Colts still have a chance tonight. Marlon Mack is the key to their rushing game. He has more yards and carries than Texans’s Carlos Hyde does. Houston’s rushing defense has only allowed four rushing touchdowns this season. That’s as many touchdowns as Mack has under his belt.

While IND’s strength is their rush game, HOU’s is their passing. Eighteen of their 29 touchdowns were passing, and they get an average of 239.5 passing yards per game. The Colts’s defense is overall stronger, but HOU’s offense is arguably stronger.

Looking at both schedules, Houston is more consistent than Indianapolis. The four teams Houston has lost to were New Orleans, Carolina, Indianapolis, and Baltimore. Those teams standings in their divisions are 1st (NO), 2nd (CAR), 1st (IND), and 1st (BAL). On the other side, the Colts are inconsistent. They’ve lost to the Chargers, Oakland, Pittsburgh, and Miami. And their places are 3rd (LAC), 2nd (OAK), 2nd (PIT), and 4th (MIA), which averages to 2.75th place compared to HOU’s 1.25th place. So, it could be argued that the Texans have lost to more formidable teams.

Either way the game ends, most likely it will be close, and whoever wins this one will be number one in the AFC South. Tune in tonight at 5:20pm PST.

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