Goff Could Learn From Jackson

Ravens’s quarterback, Lamar Jackson isn’t 23 years old yet, but he’s turning heads. He’s fierce, and he’s good. He is definitely an improvement from Joe Flacco (who’s now on the Denver Broncos). And Jared Goff of the LA Rams has never been exceptional, even last year when the Rams were a threat. So, let’s talk QB’s.

Lamar Jackson

Jackson has a QBR of 78.3 with a 66.3 completion rate. He’s also the #10 player for rushing even though he’s a quarterback. Everyone ahead of him is a running back, and so Jackson is the #1 quarterback for rushing. He has six rushing touchdowns.

But he’s more than his rushing game. Jackson is also a strong passer. This season, he’s thrown 2,258 yards and 19 passing touchdowns, and in November alone, he has a 76.6 completion rate. No wonder the Ravens are the #1 team in the AFC North.

Tonight, they play the LA Rams. Will Baltimore’s six-game winning streak end? Probably not.

Jared Goff

Jared Goff has a long way to even match Lamar Jackson’s skill. His QBR is 39.5. That’s barely more than half of what Jackson’s is. Goff also has a lower completion rate at 60.3, and this month, Goff has only completed 55.9% of throws. But, he has thrown about 500 more yards than Jackson. Goff has thrown 2,783 yards, and he has 11 passing touchdowns and two rushing under his belt this season.

The LA Rams are 3rd in their division while the Ravens are 1st in theirs. More than likely, the Rams will put up a fight, but the Ravens have shut out too many teams to worry about them. We’ll find out tonight at 5:15pm PST which QB is better.

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