Week 13 Predictions

CHI (-3) @ DET; 0/U 42

This rematch should end with CHI winning again. A few weeks ago, the Bears win 20-13, and with Stafford out and Driskel questionable, it looks like the Lions will have a third string QB playing (oof). Even against the unstable Bears offense, the Lions will most likely lose this one.

BUF (-.5) @ DAL; O/U 41

Dallas has a good defense…at times, but it won’t be able to stop one of the best offenses. DAL’s Prescott has 21 touchdowns, Elliott has seven, and Cooper has another seven. But the Bills’s defense is a force. It’s strong, and it’s able to hold back top offenses. More than likely, BUF will hold back DAL.

NO (-11) @ ATL; O/U 47

Another rematch of the day. ATL surprised us all weeks ago when they beat the raging Saints 26-9 after having a 1-7 record. Since then, ATL beat CAR but lost to TB, so looks like their luck ran out. The consistency of the Saints should help them win on Thursday.

TEN (-.5) @ IND; O/U 42

Both QBs have thrown four interceptions. But TEN’s offense is stronger than IND’s and strong enough to win. Henry and Brown have more yards and touchdowns than Mack and Hilton. Plus, Mack is out this week, which puts a significant dampener on the Colts’s rushing game. And Hilton is questionable, so if he is out, they’ll be struggling even more.

SF (-.5) @ BAL; O/U 49

This is probably the most anticipated game of the week! BAL is on fire, and SF is a force to be reckoned with. Our rankings place BAL at the number one spot offensively ahead of SF but number two right behind SF defensively. These teams are almost polar opposites. SF is stronger in passing D and passing offense, and BAL is stronger in rushing offense and rushing D. But the 49ers defense may be what finally slows down Jackson…

NYJ (-3) @ CIN; O/U 41

Neither team is good. But CIN has yet to win a game this season. No doubt it will be a close game. CIN gets more net yards, but they allow more net yards. And the Jets are quite volatile. But, the Jets are capable of goodness (not greatness), so they should win.

CLE @ PIT (-.5); O/U 41

Not too long ago, a brawl broke out between these teams. Let’s hope this rematch goes smoothly. Last time, PIT won 21-7. Most likely, they’ll win again due to their ability to gain about 73 more net yards than CLE and allowing fewer passing yards, which is CLE’s strongest offense game.

PHI (-7) @ MIA; O/U 46

PHI is expected to win this one. MIA has had a trying year, but Wentz has 2530 yards while Fitzpatrick has 1901 yards. Plus, the Eagles manage 353.4 net yards on average while allowing 343.1 whereas the Dolphins gain 287.5 and allow 409.3. The weak offense and defense certainly won’t help MIA.

WAS @ CAR (-12); O/U 43

McCaffrey has 11 more touchdowns that the number one leader in rushing yards on the Redskins. McCaffrey has 12 touchdowns while Peterson has a trying one. This just isn’t Washington’s year. Sure, CAR has the same record as CHI at 5-6, but Allen has about 1,000 more yards than Keenum, and CAR averages 10 more points per game.

GB (-12) @ NYG; O/U 46

Aaron Rodgers is significantly better than Daniel Jones. Rodgers has two interceptions while Jones has eight. Even though GB doesn’t have a strong defense, their offense keeps the ball and is able to score in the end zone, which is something hard for NYG. After all, the Packers are 8-3 while the Giants are 2-9.

TB (-2) @ JAX; O/U 50

Since Foles return, it doesn’t seem like the Jaguars have adjusted fully to the loss of Minshew. Both teams are 4-7, so one will leave 5-7. With Godwin on the team, TB is expected to out perform JAX. However, they should be cautious of Fournette.

LAR (-3.5) @ ARI; 0/U 48

Both teams allows about 365.1 net yards The only difference is that ARI has fewer passing and more rushing yards. But ARI has a weaker defense, which could lead LAR to winning. They allow just shy of 80 more net yards than the Rams, which breaks down to about 65 passing and 11 rushing. Both teams are coming off a loss, so they’ll be sure looking for a win, but LAR is expected to win this one.

OAK @ KC (-1.5); O/U 48

KC is pretty healthy compared to OAK. They have fewer questionable players at the moment. Their defenses are relatively evenly matched at both allowing 390 yards, so it will most likely come down to offenses. The Chiefs gain 409.5 nets yards on average a game while the Raiders rangle only 366.1. But the Raiders do have a better rushing game, so they’ll surely run the ball.

LAC (-1) @ DEN; O/U 37

DEN allows 1.3 more net yards per game than LAC. So defensively, it’ll be close. Offensively, the Chargers are better at passing. They’re about 73 yards better.

NE (-1.5) @ HOU; O/U 42

The game will be in Texas, so there’s low threat of poor weather. The Texans have a strong offense, but the Patriots defense is strong, much stronger than them. It’s expected for the Patriots to hold the Texans back enough to win.

MIN @ SEA (-3); O/U 47

The Seahawks will be looking to continue their four-game win streak, but the Vikings will be looking to extend their two-game win streak. MIN is coming off a bye week, so they’ll be rested up and refreshed, ready to play. No doubt, they’ll make it a challenge for SEA. But SEA has more passing yards this season with 2,733 compared to MIN’s 2,598. And, MIN has allowed 19 passing touchdowns whereas SEA has only allowed 13.

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