JPI Guide Thanksgiving Day Football

Remember today is about more than football. Just because the NFL spoils us with three games of football on a Thursday instead of one, we shouldn’t forget to give thanks. To kick off the games, here is your JPI guide to the Thanksgiving Day football matchups.

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Each team normally consistently excels during a specific quarter or half. Rarely is there a first quarter team. For instance, the Patriots tend to be a second half team, but we’re not here to talk about the Patriots. We’re here to talk about the Bears. Today, they rematch the Detroit Lions, the team they just played in week 10. Back then, Chicago won 20-13, so they’ll be looking to win a second time against them.

Back to all of that “each team normally consistently excels during a specific quarter or half” stuff. The Bears rank 30th, 28th, and last in the first, second and fourth quarter, but are #2 in the points scored in the third quarter. Seems like they use the first half to measure up their opponent, use halftime to go over strategy, score in the third, and then get tired in the fourth. Today against the Lions, the Bears will have ample opportunity to win. After all, Stafford is out, and the Lions have lost seven of their last eight games.

Catch at 9:30am PST on FOX.

Buffalo Bills @ Dallas Cowboys

This game could go either way. Dallas almost always in the news while Buffalo seems to be a bit more under the radar. The Bills are 8-3 for the first time since 1996, and the Cowboys are 6-5, but their roster is full of talent. 1st time meeting. Quarterback Josh Allen is at a career high (his career began in 2018), and he’ll be going against the 6th ranked defense. However, the Cowboys average 26.8 points a game while the Bills average only 21. Combine this with their points allowed, and it barely tilts the game in the Cowboys’s favor. It’s more than likely it’ll be a close game.

Catch at 1:30pm PST on CBS.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons

Not only is this a rematch of the season, these two teams met last Thanksgiving, which resulted in the Atlanta leaving New Orleans in a 31-17 loss. Not surprising considering last year, the Saints were a powerhouse. Surprisingly for this season, the teams met in week 10 when the Saints entered the game with a record of 7-1, and the Falcons entered with 1-7. Everyone I talked to or read their opinions of said – no, guaranteed, the Saints would win. Atlanta had only won one game so far in the season back in week two against Philly. Yet, somehow they had a mini spurt of inspiration, talent, or skill that begin their two-game upset streak. They upset the Saints 26-9 (it wasn’t even closer in points). They went on to upset the Panthers right after but ultimately lost to the Buccs, ending their winning streak. So, if Atlanta can muster up what they had a few weeks ago, they’ll surely win. But odds are they won’t be able to this time.

Catch at 5:20pm PST on NBC.

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