There Can Be Only One Winner

Seven years ago, Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson were drafted, but neither of them were selected in the first two rounds. Wilson was the 75th pick, and Cousins waited until the 102nd. Since 2012, the two have played well. This season, Wilson has the Seahawks at a 9-2 record, and Cousins and the Vikings are 8-3. Both teams are in the number two spot in their division and winning tonight will bring them to the front.

The Vikings and the Seahawks are evenly matched. However, CenturyLink Field is known for throwing visiting teams off balance due to the noise, giving the Seahawks an advantage. So, Minnesota will have to bring their A-game but coming off a bye-week should make it easier.

SEA Gets Seven More Yards on Average a Game

Broken down, Seattle averages 248.5 passing yards and 136.9 rushing, which totals to 385.4 net yards. Minnesota maintains an average of 378.7 yards, consisting of 236.2 passing and 142.5 rushing. AND AND big picture, SEA has managed 2,733 passing yards this season and 1,506 rushing, totaling 4,239 net yards. Looking at MIN, 2,598 passing plus 1,567 rushing for 4,165. So, Seattle has gained only 74 more net yards.

One and Three: Touchdown Difference

Touchdown wise, SEA has 24 passing and 10 rushing this season, and MIN has 21 passing and 14 rushing. Another way to phrase this is: SEA has 34 total TD’s this season, and MIN has 35. Wilson has a 67.3 completion rate, and Cousins has 70.6. That’s only 3.3 difference. With the high completion rates, it makes sense that both teams have significantly higher passing touchdowns than rushing.

Defensively, MIN is two touchdowns better. All season, they’ve allowed 19 passing TD’s and three rushing ones. SEA is more even when it comes to TD’s allowed. They allowed 13 and 12 passing and rushing touchdowns. So, MIN has allowed 22 while SEA allowed 25.

Let’s Sum Up What We’ve Gone Over

Seattle’s strengths: CenturyLink Field, offensive passing game, and passing defense.

Seattle’s weaknesses: QB’s completion rate, rushing game, redzone defense.

Minnesota’s strengths: offensive rushing game, QB completion rate, and rushing TD defense.

Minnesota’s weaknesses: passing game, away game.

Even though the teams have strengths and weaknesses, looking at the numbers, they’re only marginally different. So, while Seattle gains more yards, Cousins has a better completion rate, MIN has gotten only one more touchdown, and they’ve allowed three fewer touchdowns. But will this be enough against the Seahawks in CenturyLink? We’ll find out tonight at 5:15pm PST.

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