Week 14 Predictions

DAL (-1) @ CHI; O/U 40

Even with CHI looking like they’re finally becoming a team, they won’t be able to stop DAL. While the Cowboys have the same record, they still have one of the best offenses in both passing and rushing compared to the low success rate of the Bears’s offense.

IND @ TB (-1); O/U 50

TB and IND are almost polar opposites. While TB has a strong offense, they have a terrible defense. However, we expect their offense to keep the ball enough to win.

BAL (-4) @ BUF; 0/U 44

BAL is on a winning rampage! They’ve beat the Patriots and the 49ers. No doubtedly they’ll do the same to the Bills.

DET @ MIN (-19); O/U 48

DET isn’t looking good this season. Even when they had Stafford, they weren’t great. And MIN is one of the better ranked teams this season. Most likely, MIN will get their nineth win this week.

WAS @ GB (-7); O/U 41

If WAS wins this game, GB will have to either be missing like 80% of their players. But to be fair, Green Bay does have a weak defense in comparison to their offense, so it is possible that WAS could slip by them a few times.

DEN @ HOU (-9); 0/U 41

HOU became the second team to beat the Patriots last week. And DEN has won only four games. Most likely HOU will win this.

SF (-0.5) @ NO; O/U 44

This game could go either way. But suspect SF will be eager to bounce back after last week’s loss to BAL, and that may just be what puts them over the top to win against NO.

CIN @ CLE (-8); O/U 41

CIN won their first game last week, but it’s not enough to beat CLE. After all, beating the Jets isn’t the same as the Browns.

CAR ( -3) @ ATL; O/U 49

Even though Atlanta has had it’s good games, they’re still too uncoordinated and inconsistent to rely on them to defeat Carolina.

MIA (-0.5) @ NYJ; O/U 44

While MIA isn’t great, neither is NYJ. Last time they played, MIA won 26-18, and we suspect they’ll win again.

LAC @ JAX (-1); O/U 41

Nick Foles is out. Minshew is back. With Minshew back, the Jaguars have a better chance of winning. However, the Chargers have had their moments, so Minshew will have his work cut out for him.

KC @ NE (-6); O/U 45

Kansas City isn’t what it was last year, but they’re still formidable. Against New England, they most likely won’t be able to stop them, especially since they’ll be looking for a comeback win.

TEN (-3) @ OAK; O/U 44

TEN has won one more game than OAK putting themselves at 7-5. It should be enough to propel them to win by at least three. OAK is known for having a weak defense, and most likely, they’ll continue to let their opponent score.

PIT (-5) @ ARI; O/U 44

While PIT struggles, ARI does, too. PIT has won seven games while ARI has only won three. Surely, the Steelers will steal a win from the Cardinals.

SEA (-10) @ LAR; O/U 48

The Rams are no match for the Seahawks. The Seahawks are capable of being great. In their last two games, they’ve beat the Vikings and the 49ers. The Rams stacked up against these two teams is rather easy to beat.

NYG @ PHI (-10); O/U 46

Saquon Barkley pretty much makes the Giants. The Giants are on an eight-game losing streak, and even though the Eagles aren’t Super-Bowling-Winning material anymore, they’re still good enough to lengthen the streak to nine games.

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