Six and Six

Dallas has six wins and six losses, and so does Chicago. Both teams are also 3-3 away. So, who will win? The Cowboys are number one in the NFC East while the Bears are third in their division. Dallas is favored to win by three points.

Defensively, both teams are rather evenly matched. Chicago allows an average of 17.3 points, and Dallas allows 19.7. And passing yard wise, Chicago allows only seven more, and Dallas allows about ten more rushing yards. So they’re pretty evenly matched. But the Cowboys’s offense is much, much stronger.

Points alone, DAL brings in 25.8 points per game made of 23 passing TDs and 12 rushing ones. And CHI is sitting in the 28th position for both passing and rushing yards with only 17.7 points per game. They’ve made only 22 touchdowns this entire season.

There’s not much to say here. DAL is favorited to win tonight at 5;15pm PST.

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