Intro to DFS: Part 2

Please make sure to read part 1 of this segment. Today we will be highlighting the different type of contest and strategies to winning.

Scoring System

I will not talk much about the scoring system as it is pretty straight forward. Each statistical category gets a value assigned to it, ex: TD: 6 points; reception: 1 point, fumble: -1 point, and so on. The values get added at the end of the game and that becomes the final score for that player. The final scores for all your players are added up at the end of the slate and that then becomes the final score for your lineup.

It is important here to note DraftKings and FanDuel use different scoring value. The biggest difference is points per reception. Where FanDuel gives you .5 pts per reception, DraftKings awards you 1 full point per reception. With that said players like Alvin Kamara and CMC hold more value on DraftKings.

Types of Contest

In the world of DFS there are primarily 2 types of contest: GPPs and Cash Games.

GPPs or guaranteed prize pools are the most popular type of contest. In this type of contest the prizes are guaranteed whether the contest reaches capacity or not. This type of contest has a bigger prize pot, allows multiple entries, has a bigger number of entries and only about the top 20% (or less) win some sort of prize money.

Cash Games are the alternative to GPPs. Cash Games only run when contest capacity is hit, the capacity for cash games is significantly smaller than that of GPPs. This type of contest has a smaller prize pot that GPPs, only allows single entry and usually the top 50-55% of entries win.

The biggest difference between these two contest is the payout. In GPPs a much smaller percentage of the entries win, somewhere around 20% compares to Cash Games that award the top 50-55% winning entries. The amount of winnings varies as well – in GPPs you have a scaled payout where 1st place wins a huge chunk of the total prize pot and each entry below wins less according to where they placed. Cash Games have equal payout – everyone wins the same amount regardless of what place you came in

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