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I am excited to get this one out, it’s what it all comes down to: strategy and roster construction.


Many players out there will tell you that they have a golden method on constructing lineups for optimal performance – reality of the fact is that there is no such thing. Such there are ways to better position yourself to win but there will always be variance. There are plenty of strategies out there but I will focus on two of the most popular.

High Total/Closest Spread: With this strategy we will be looking at Vegas over/unders and point spreads. Our goal is to identify the game with the highest offensive pace (highest point total) and the most competitive to avoid blowouts (tightest spread). This is key because the higher the point total the more offensive volume for players in that game and the smaller the spread, the less risk of a complete blowout leading to benching of starters/more conservative game plan.

Game Stacking: The idea here is to once again pick a game with a high point total and tight spread but we take it one step further – we stack players from that game – usually a QB/WR/RB – for example Brees/Thomas/Kamara – using this example we know that the Saints offense runs through these 3 players so if Brees throws a TD to Thomas you are awarded 2 TDs, and lets say he throws another TD later in the game to Kamara you are awarded another 2 TDs on top of the yardage gained. In other words, we are stacking to gain maximum coverage of scoring opportunities.

Roster Construction

The goal is to build the highest scoring lineup while staying under the salary cap. The question then is – what players do I spend up on? And where do I go cheap?

There is no real right or wrong answer here – the key is to find value at every position. I personally value RBs who receive high volume over other players – so you will see me spend up to lock in players like CMC and Zeke who will not only get me rushing points but will also benefit from receptions with the possibility of a rushing and receiving TD. On the flip side, I will spend down on WRs as there is a bigger pool of WRs who can return great value.

Sample Lineup:

I will end this with a sample lineup for this weekend using FanDuel

QB – R. Tannehill
RB – D. Cook
RB – N. Chubb
WR – D. Moore
WR – J. Crowder
WR – Z. Pascal
TE – J. Doyle
Flex – J. White
Def – Hou Tex

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