Week 14 Recaps

DAL 24 @ CHI 31

CHI hasn’t had a winning touchdown since week five, but now they’re back with winning more than half their games. They surprised almost everyone with good plays that lead to four touchdowns after a quiet first quarter.

IND 35 @ TB 38

Another good game. At halftime, IND was in the lead by six, only to have TB come back second half and score 17 points to their eight.

BAL 24 @ BUF 17

The Ravens are now 11-2. They started off with a field goal and then scored a TD each quarter afterwards. In short, it was a defensive game with only 209 BUF yards and 257 BAL yards.

DET 7 @ MIN 20

MIN holds their place over DET. They are 6-0 at home and have a 9-4 record. DET remains with three wins at 3-9 record.

WAS 15 @ GB 20

The Packers were held to two touchdowns and two field goals against the Redskins. But they still won by five. WAS had 262 yards, and GB had 341 yards despite only having about 50 seconds difference of possession time.

DEN 38 @ HOU 24

Somehow Denver won. They scored 14 points in the first quarter, one TD in the second, and one in the third. Houston only scored in the second, third, and fourth quarters. The game 38-24.

SF 48 @ NO 46

Combined, these teams had 981 yards in this 94-point game. There were 12 TDs total in the game. The teams were evenly matched they kept answering each other’s points. The second quarter was the highest scoring quarter with 35 points, and the third quarter was the lowest with only 13.

CIN 19 @ CLE 27

Ohio won! And Ohio lost. With Andy Dalton back, CIN seems to be on the up and up, but so far, they’re still adjusting to him. CIN remains with their one win and CLE claims their 6th of the season.

CAR 20 @ ATL 40

ATL is consistently inconsistent. They’ve won against great teams and lost against worst ones. Against MCM and CAR, it was expected for ATL to have a bit of difficulty scoring, however, the opposite seemed to be true. They held the Panthers to 20 points while scoring twice as many themselves.

MIA 21 @ NYJ 22

This game had 12 field goals. Seven by MIA and five by NYJ, leaving the Jets with the only TD of the day. The Jets take the win in last second with a field goal.

LAC 45 @ JAX 10

The Chargers buried the Jags 45-10. With Minshew back, the Jags couldn’t even get 200 yards against LAC’s defense. They finished the game with only 162 yards. Looks like Minshew Mania will take some time to get adjusted to.

KC 23 @ NE 16

The Patriots are 10-3 now, making the Chiefs the third team to beat them this season. Mahomes and Brady both threw one INT and had one TD, but KC outperformed NE in yardage by approx. 120 yards. KC trails NE by one loss at 9-4.

TEN 42 @ OAK 21

In another high scoring game, TEN takes the W. The second quartered was the most active with 28 points being scored, twice as many as any other quarter.

PIT 23 @ ARI 17

PIT started the game with 10 points in the first quarter and stayed consistent with scoring in each quarter. ARI managed to pull out two TDs and a field goal, but it wasn’t enough against the Steelers’s defense. The Cardinals even scored more than the Steelers in two quarters, but the Steelers had such a lead that they continued to lead throughout the game.

SEA 12 @ LAR 28

Coming in as the underdogs, the Rams surprised us all by winning by 16 against the strong Seahawks. They held the Seahawks to two field goals and one TD, while scoring four touchdowns themselves. The Rams move to 8-5, and the Seahawks are 10-3.

NYG 17 @ PHI 23

PHI made a come back in the second half of the game only to tie it 17-17 leading to overtime. Then they scored the game-winning TD.

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