Week 15 Predictions

NYJ @ BAL (-18); O/U 45

BAL is on a hot streak! And the Jets are…well, the Jets. No doubt the Ravens will take yet another win against the fearful Jets.

CHI @ GB (-2); O/U 40

The season opener ended with GB winning 10-3. Will the same happen here? Score-wise, most likely not. But we’re betting GB takes home another win. While Trubisky and the Bears look like they’re coming together, it may not be enough to beat the Packers.

NE (-13) @ CIN; O/U 39

CIN has one game win under their belt, and against mighty NE, it’ll stay that way.

SEA (-8) @ CAR; O/U 50

SEA have made 38 TDs this season compared to CAR’s 33. Seattle is second in their division right behind the Niners, while Carolina is third in the NFC South with only five wins. We expect Wilson to take the Seahawks to a win.

HOU (-0.5) @ TEN; O/U 46

This game is expected to be close. HOU gains more yards and allows more yards. Both teams are 8-5 and made 38 touchdowns. However, HOU is one of the few teams to beat one NE (one of the top teams), so if they play like they played them, they’re a sure-fire win.

MIA (-3.5) @ NYG; O/U 48

The Giants have not won a game since week 4, meaning they’re on a 10-game losing streak. But MIA isn’t a powerhouse either. However, we expect MIA to hold it together a bit more than NYG.

PHI (-6) @ WAS; O/U 42

Our power rankings, have WAS at the bottom, and PHI not. PHI is 17th and 13th for offensive passing and rushing yardage, so most likely, they’ll be able to gain good yards.

DEN @ KC (-4); O/U 44

DEN surprised us all last week beating HOU. But will they beat KC? Most likely not. KC has the experience and the cooperation that the young Denver offensive team is lacking.

TB (-12) @ DET; O/U 53

At the bottom of their division, DET isn’t expected to show much on Sunday. TB is second in their division (granted, they’re 6-7). At least the Buccs allow 374.7 yards while picking up 412.5 themselves. The Lions struggle 385.6 yards and allow 407 yards. Looks like the ball will spend quality time in DET territory.

CLE (-4) @ ARI; O/U 46

Both teams have had surprising games! That being said, CLE is more consistent with performance. While they aren’t great, they are more consistent with their playing, and we can count on their past performance to beat the Cardinals.

JAX @ OAK (-2); O/U 45

Foles? Minshew? JAX is hurting for a QB. Neither is enough to get them a Super Bowl ring. And with OAK with a 70.6 completion rate, 27 sacks and nine interceptions, JAX better watch out.

MIN (-7) @ LAC; O/U 43

MIN is right behind GB in the NFC North. But the Chargers allow about fifty fewer yards than the Vikings. However, MIN has made 10 more touchdowns this season, so it looks like the Chargers may have a harder time in the Redzone…

LAR (-8) @ DAL; O/U 45

What’s up with Dallas this year? They’re a mess. The Rams aren’t as good as last year, but at least they’re still together. DAL lost their last three games, and LAR is coming off a two-game win streak.

ATL @ SF (-12); O/U 48

ATL has upset a couple teams (like the Saints. once). But SF is still a powerhouse. Most likely, SF will keep their place as #1 in the NFC West.

BUF @ PIT (-2); O/U 44

Both teams are slipping through under the radar. Every now and then they make headlines (like the PIT/CLE brawl), but they’re both second in their division. While Rudolph can be pressured at times, they Steelers have made surprising plays that leads to good gains and ultimately, points.

IND @ NO (-9); O/U 47

IND and NO allow the same amount of yards (360), but the Saints average about 30 more yards offensively than the Colts. And the Saints know how to close the deal. They’ve won four more games.

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