Things to Know Entering Week 15

Baltimore has scored the most touchdowns this season. They’ve scored a total of 47 touchdowns. SF comes in second with 43, and Minnesota and Tampa Bay are tied for third place with 40. And Cincinnati and Washington sit at the bottom with only having made 18 touchdowns.

The Ravens, Niners, and Buccs have scored the most points this season with scoring 430, 397, and 378. The Redskins have scored almost over 200 fewer points than the Ravens. They’ve scored only 188 points total this season.

The Patriots have intercepted 21 times, making them #1 in interceptions. Right behind are the Steelers with 18, then there are the Panthers, Packers, Chiefs, Vikings, Seahawks, and Redskins all tied with 13. The Lions have only intercepted five times.

Miami needs to step up their sacking game. They’ve sacked the least with only 17 times. And compared to the #1 sacking team, the Steelers, they’re quite behind. Pittsburgh has sacked 48 times. Close behind them are the Panthers with 47 sacks.

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