Colts and Saints Looking For a Win

If New Orleans wins tonight, they will become the fifth team with an 11-3 record after this week’s games. The Saints are coming off an exciting loss against the 49ers. Last week, that game scored a combined a 94 points (48-46). In the last seconds, the 49ers pull ahead and win. But the loss didn’t disappoint spectators (too much). It was full of action like this play by Kittle of the Niners.

Back to the Saints. Now, they’re favorited to win against the Colts this evening. Despite Brissett getting nearly 350 more yards than Brees (remember, Brees was out for part of the season), the Saints are still set to win this game. They have gotten 26 passing TDs and eight rushing, whereas the Colts are trailing them by two. So, while the teams are close in touchdowns, their defenses are on opposite ends of the spectrum. New Orleans has one of the top ten defenses and are number three in our power rankings.

In their last game, the Colts played the Buccs and lost in a close 38-35. The Buccs were 8-15 at 3rd down efficiency while the Colts were 6-16 (oof). Winston had almost twice the yards that Brissett had, making it a passing game. Both teams hardly rushed. Their top rushers only ran for about 37 yards total. IND’s completion rate was 19-36. Even though they lost, the Colts still put up a good fight with scoring 35 points.

Last week in their infamous game against the Niners, the Saints were 5-11 in 3rd down efficiency. That’s about 7% better than the Colts. Interestingly, Jimmy G. and Brees matched in yardage. And the Saints comp-att was 29-41. Now, arguably, the Niners are much harder than the Buccs. So the loss against the Niners is weighted more than the loss against the Buccs.

Plus, take in account the records, and the Saints are going to be sitting pretty at 11-3 while the Colts will be 6-8. We’ll find out tonight at 5:15pm PST.

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