Week 15 Recaps

NYJ 21 @ BAL 42

No surprise here with BAL winning against NYJ. The Jets did manage to score in the second and fourth quarter totaling 21 points. However, the Ravens consistently scored each quarter leading to a 42-21 victory and becoming 12-2.

CHI 13 @ GB 21

Bears fans will say that one ref call at the beginning of the game lost them the game. The refs made a call that gave the Packers the ball (which arguably could have been a turnover to the Bears) that they were quickly able to turn into a touchdown. However, Chicago made a healthy comeback in the fourth quarter scoring 10 points, and going for one hail mary, they almost caught up. But they were a foot out of bounds.

NE 34 @ CIN 13

For a bit, the Bengals were beating the Patriots. For a bit. Then the Patriots were the Patriots and came back for a win 34-13.

SEA 30 @ CAR 24

The Seahawks won by six. Their 11-3 record has one of the lowest winning margin this season, yet they still are 11-3.

HOU 24 @ TEN 21

The Texans held the lead with 14-0 at halftime, only for the Titans to bounce back in the second half to score three touchdowns. But the Texans also scored a touchdown, and they also made a field goal, so they barely won.

MIA 20 @ NYG 36

Manning is back. And he brought a victory to the Giants. With a nice cushion win of 16 points. the Giants scored 0, 7, 16, and 13 points in each quarter while the Dolphins opposed them 0, 10, 3, and 7. Both teams are now 3-11.

PHI 37 @ WAS 27

The fourth quarter was a wild one. 33 points were scored in the alst quarter of the game when only 31 points were scored in all prior three quarters combined! But WAS wasn’t able to keep up with the Eagles who are now 7-7.

DEN 3 @ KC 23

Denver scored their only three points in the second quarter. Playing in snowy conditions isn’t easy, so no wonder it was a low scoring game, but KC still managed to knock the visiting team back to Colorado with a loss.

TB 38 @ DET 17

The highest scoring quarter had 21 points while the lowest scoring had only ten points. But the Buccs still manages five touchdowns to the Lions two.

CLE 24 @ ARI 38

ARI won, folks! The Cardinals won by 14 against the middle-ranked Browns. They scored each quarter (7, 14, 7, 10) and ended up on top.

JAX 20 @ OAK 16

Oakland fans were not happy with this loss. Some fans even booed Carr as he walked off the field. However, predicting the Jags comeback in the fourth quarter is hard! Who would have known that a team down by 10 (the game was 16-6 OAK entering the 4th) would turn out 20-16?

MIN 39 @ LAC 10

No surprise that the Vikings won. The Chargers put up a good fight in the first half by scoring 10 points and holding MIN to a nine-point lead. Maybe they gave up the second half, maybe the Vikings suddenly got a boost of energy. Either way, MIN took off with scoring another 20 points and leaving LAC in the dust.

LAR 21 @ DAL 44

DAL won a home game! The last home game they won was back in week eight (they’ve only had one home game since not including this one). And they won with a nice 44-21. The second quarter is where they took off with the largest scoring margin against the Rams. They scored 14 more points in that one quarter alone.

ATL 29 @ SF 22

Seconds were left on the clock and the Falcons won. Let’s go back a little more first. Entering the fourth quarter, the score was 13-10 SF. In the fourth, SF scored 9 points. And somehow, somehow, in one quarter, in fifteen football minutes, ATL scored 19 comeback points. ATL is capable is beating good teams, so why isn’t this consistent?

BUF 17 @ PIT 10

The game was evenly matched. The Bills entered 9-4, and the Steelers were 8-5. The Bills won by one touchdown with a 17-10 game.

IND 7 @ NO 34

NO shut out IND in a game where the Colts didn’t score until the end. New Orleans dominated the scoreboard 34-0. In the last quarter, they probably threw the Colts a bone and let them score a touchdown.

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