Week 16 Predictions

With only two weeks left in regular season, some teams are already in the playoffs, and some are still fighting for their place. There’s a lot on the line for those teams still trying to make playoffs. So, here are our predictions for the second to last week of regular season.

HOU (-1) @ TB; O/U 53

TB QB is full of surprises. While he’s thrown 24 interceptions, he’s #1 in attempts, yards, and touchdowns this season. However, HOU can’t be dismissed. They’ve managed to beat higher-ranked teams, earning them at the 6th rank overall in the JPI. To support this, HOU does have a slightly better record than TB. This game should be close.

BUF @ NE (-3); O/U 38

Another close game but a rematch. Last time, NE won 16-10, and BUF trails them by one win. If BUF can hold them back again, it looks like they’ll could hold the Pats to a field goal. Unfortunately for them, we suspect the veterans of NE to give just enough edge to win.

LAR @ SF (-3); O/U 46

SF is one of the teams with an 11-3 record, and one of the five teams ATL had beaten all season. But don’t let last week’s loss determine this week’s game. Jimmy G has nine more touchdowns than Goff and fewer interceptions. QB’s alone, SF should win.

PIT (-9) @ NYJ; O/U 39

Oh, the Jets. Pittsburgh is a good team this year. They’re surely beat the Jets.

NO (-7) @ TEN; O/U 46

Brees just set the record for career passing touchdowns. And he surely won’t stop against TEN. TEN has allowed 22 passing TD’s this season so far, and New Orleans has claimed 30 passing ones. No doubtly there’ll be more.

CAR (-1) @ IND; O/U 48

The Colts ran out of Luck (get it?) this year. But so did the Panthers. Even with MCM, they can’t seem to win very much. They’ve won about a third of their games, sticking them with a 5-9 record. This close game should end with CAR on top since CAR has MCM and a stronger defense.

CIN (-2) @ MIA; O/U 44

Alright, while CIN only has one win this season, we think they could get another. Andy Dalton is back. CIN has always scored in every game this season. And while they have lost (a lot), they have been close to winning against teams at comparable skill level. Dalton, Mixon, and Boyd have more yards than MIA’s QB and top rushing and receiving player this season.

BAL (-10) @ CLE; O/U 44

Rematch! Baltimore’s hot streak isn’t going to end yet. Cleveland is much better than previous years, but they aren’t enough to stop Baltimore.

JAX @ ATL (-4); O/U 45

Atlanta can beat great teams but not always bad teams. However, Jacksonville is another story. They’re a mess. Foles and Minshew aren’t working out, so even though they’ll play their best, ATL should eat them up.

NYG @ WAS (-2); O/U 43

This game will probably be low scoring…neither team is good at completing, but WAS is better by 0.3. So most likely that 0.3 will take into play and show the Giants who is better.

DET @ DEN (-1); O/U 44

DEN has another shot at another win. Despite DEN struggling offensively, they’re defensive is strong. And luckily, DET’s offense is weak. So DEN has a good chance to stop DET and pull a W.

OAK (-1) @ LAC; O/U 44

OAK is coming off a four-game losing streak. They’ll be looking for a win. The last time these two teams met, Oakland won by two in a 26-24 game. We think they’ll be able to do it again. Plus in the warmer Southern California climate, it should be easier to play than in the cold.

ARI @ SEA (-11); O/U 49

The Seahawks are red hot! Murray is a good QB, but Wilson with his RBs and WRs is much better. No doubt SEA will win. And the game being in Seattle gives them a home field advantage.

DAL (-1) @ PHI; O/U 47

DAL wowed us all last week against the Rams in a 44-21 game. Both teams are 7-7, so they’ll be looking to have a winning record. Elliot and Cooper have 11 more touchdowns than Sanders and Ertz, and we know that QBs don’t make a whole offense.

KC (-4) @ CHI; O/U 42

Trubisky has come a long way since the beginning of the season. And so have the receivers and rushers. But, KC is more coordinated than CHI. Even at Soldier Field, the cold may not be able to stop, or even slow down KC, enough to give CHI a win.

GB @ MIN (-1); O/U 44

The division game. If MIN wins, they’ll both be 11-4. But GB is strong. GB has a weaker defense and offense. If the Vikings can keep them at bay, then they’ll be able to pull off a close win. GB has 40 TD’s, and MIN has 43. And GB has allowed three more TD’s than MIN. And the game is played in Minnesota. But both teams are from the cold, so the weather won’t be much of a factor.

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