Update on Darius Garland

Darius Garland is only 19, and he’s playing for the Cavs. There’s a big difference from playing in college and playing in the NBA. Garland only played at Vanderbilt for a short time (2018-2019) before making it to the big leagues. He played a total of five games in college before a meniscus injury caused him to leave the team and prep for the NBA draft.

Currently with Cleveland, he averages 10.9 points per game, 1.9 rebounds, and 3.1 assists. He’s played in 28 games so far and made 306 net points, from 49.3 pointers, 25 free throwers, and 116 FGs. He ranks 123rd in points per game, 150+ in rebounds, and 72nd in assists. So while he is playing in the majors, analysts argue that he isn’t being aggressive enough.

No doubt he is good. But once he adjusts to the pros, he’ll be even better.

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