Week 16 Recaps

HOU 23 @ TB 20

In the action-packed game, Houston won by a mere three points after being tied 17-17 at halftime. The second half was rather quiet compared to the first. Only three field goals were kicked, and two of those were made by HOU. Even though TB had over 200 more yards than HOU, they had five turnovers compared to HOU’s two, and that ultimately lost them the ball.

BUF 17 @ NE 24

Last time these played, NE won by six. This time, they won by seven. So, it was again a close game. However, it was more exciting. Last game, the score was a low 16-10, but with two more touchdowns in the game, it was a bit more exciting to watch. NE’s touchdowns were in the first and fourth quarters while BUF got theirs in the middle two. The rest was filled with field goals, and Julian Edelman even managed a two-point conversion in last few minutes.

LAR 31 @ SF 34

The Rams were the first to score a touchdown, but Robbie Gould made yet another game-winning field goal for the Niners. In the high-scoring game, over 700 yards combined were reached with only three turnovers. SF is number one in the NFC West with a record of 12-3.

PIT 10 @ NYJ 16

The surprise here was the Jets scored on one of the best defenses. They even made two touchdowns. And they held the Steelers back to one field goal and one touchdown. The low-scoring game didn’t effect the standing much, but it did remind us of Sam Darnold.

NO 38 @ TEN 28

For a bit there, it looked like TEN might win. They were up 14-10 at the half. But then the Saints kicked in and scored a whopping 28 points in the second half and blew right by them. The third quarter was the highest scoring with 28 points.

CAR 6 @ IND 38

Brissett wowed us all. He had no TDs but the Colts made five touchdowns. It was not Carolina’s day. They had more ball time but more turnovers. IND has zero while CAR had three. With that many losses, no wonder IND had so many chances. CAR should have kept the ball more.

CIN 35 @ MIA 38

A close game between two rather poor teams. MIA scored 14, 7, 7, then 7 points throughout the game, while CIN was more backloaded with 0, 6, 6, 23. The game was one of two to go into OT. And MIA cinched the W with a field goal.

BAL 31 @ CLE 15

BAL is not stopping. They have not lost a game since like week 4. They had twice the yards, twice the 1st downs, and almost 1.5 the possession time as the Browns. The game ended 31-15.

JAX 12 @ ATL 24

Both teams have no shot at the playoffs, but they both played well for themselves. JAX left with 12 points, and ATL left with 24.

NYG 41 @ WAS 35

The highest scoring game of the week had no turnovers. The Giants kept lead by one or two touchdowns for the most part. Since both defenses are weak, no wonder the scoreboard was so high.

DET 17 @ DEN 27

Denver’s stadium was about 97% full. And good thing for the Bronco fans because they won. The second half of the game scored one more point than the first, but it was a game of defenses.

OAK 24 @ LAC 17

OAK steadily scored each quarter leading LAC by one touchdown.

ARI 27 @ SEA 13

Arizona won? What? Kyler Murray is having a great year despite the Cardinals being last in their division. But we expected the Seahawks to have a bit more action than 13 points…The Cardinals nearly doubled them in yards, was 5-12 for 3rd down efficiency (SEA was 1-12), and overall just played better, even in the loud stadium.

DAL 9 @ PHI 17

The NFC East is a mess. DAL is 7-8, and PHI is 8-7. And yet, one of them will have a chance at the Super Bowl. DAL trailed in yards and first downs and excelled in turnovers. PHI had approx. 13 more minutes with the ball.

KC 26 @ CHI 3

Oof…will Trubisky still have a job? The Bears only scored a field goal Sunday night at home while KC walked all over them. Luckily, CHI had no turnovers (neither did KC), but maybe that’s because they barely had the ball. I’ll give one to the Bears though. They had 101 rushing yards to the Chief’s 106.

GB 23 @ MIN 10

Green Bay ranks number one in the NFC North with 12 wins and three losses. They destroyed Minnesota. 383 yards to 139. 22 first downs to seven. 37 minutes to 22. But they did have three turnovers to MIN’s 1. Too bad MIN’s offense couldn’t keep up. Looking at the score and stats, it seems like MIN’s defense wasn’t the main issue. Looks like MIN’s offense kept handing GB the ball.

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