Week 17 Predictions

It’s the last week of regular season, so it’s the last Sunday to see all the teams play. All 32 teams play on Sunday and eight of them will come back next week after the new year for the start of play offs. But first, we need to finish out the last week. Most teams, if already cinched in their division, don’t play their starters to keep them rested for playoffs so it gives second and third string players a chance to play. So here are our last predictions of regular season before playoffs.

GB (-12) @ DET; O/U 45

Green Bay clinched their division, and Detroit is at the bottom. So, even with their worst players, most likely the Packers will win. Detroit has only won three of their games after tying their season opener. Looks like they ran out of luck.

NYJ @ BUF (-7); 0/U 38

BUF is a wildcard, but better than the Jets. They’ll play the first weekend in January regardless of how this game goes. While the Jets have won a few good games, their inconsistency has kept them from the playoffs. The Bills have a stronger defense and can easily stop the Jets’s offense from scoring.

IND (-4) @ JAX; O/U 43

The Colts wiped the field with the Panthers last week 38-6. While a blowout like that isn’t expected to happen again, most likely the lack of communication between the Jags will tip the table in the Colts’s favor. Neither team will make it to playoffs, but IND has a chance to move up in their division if they win and if Tennessee loses.

PHI (-11) @ NYG; O/U 51

The NFC East is a mess. PHI and DAL are contenders for the playoffs with only having won eight and seven games, respectively. PHI will be looking to win this game to head, and against the unfortunately Giants, they have a good chance to.

PIT @ BAL (-9); O/U 44

BAL is on fire, and PIT is right behind them in second place in their division. The Steelers have a strong defense. But can they stop Jackson and the Ravens? We don’t think so. BAL has the number rushing offense, and PIT has the number nine rushing defense.

MIA @ NE (-17); O/U 44

NE is going to the playoffs again. Against MIA, they’ll win.

TEN @ HOU (-2); O/U 46

HOU leads TEN in their division with a 10-5 record. They’ve won their last two games while TEN lost their last two. These two teams plays only two weeks ago, and Houston went to sleep with another win. Most likely, it’ll end the same way.

CHI @ MIN (-7); O/U 40

The Vikings will play early January in the wildcard round. And the Bears will be looking to at least break even with their record. Right now, they’re 7-8, so winning this could put them at 8-8. Both teams have solid defenses, but MIN’s offense outweighs CHI’s. And after last week’s disaster against KC, CHI isn’t looking too good.

LAC @ KC (-8); O/U 44

Rivers has 4334 yards, and Mahomes has 3857. But Rivers has 18 intercepts compared to Mahomes’s four. The Chargers takes more risks but at a greater price. They have more turnovers and lose the ball more. Mahomes is more accurate, and so Kansas is able to keep the ball more.

CLE (-9) @ CIN; O/U 43

If CIN wins this, they’ll have the worst record in the season with only two wins. And that’s IF they can win.

WAS @ DAL (-9); O/U 44

Despite Prescott being sloppy with 11 interceptions, DAL still has a strong offense compared to WAS. DAL ranks number two in passing with WAS sitting at 32nd. But things get a bit more fair in rushing with DAL at eight and WAS at 21.

NO (-11) @ CAR; O/U 50

The Saints may only gain about 10 more yards on average per game, but they allow 40 fewer yards. And defense is what can stop the Panthers.

ATL @ TB (-1); O/U

ATL is full of surprises. But last time these teams met, TB won with 35-22, and we expect TB to win again. They gain more and allow less.

ARI @ LAR (-6); O/U 48

While the Rams are a powerhouse like last season, they’re still better than the Cardinals. Arizona trails LA by about 30 yards offensively per game and allows about 60 more yards per game. A weaker offense and defense is prime for LA to win.

OAK @ DEN (-0.5); O/U 42

OAK is ahead of DEN by one win. And the difference in yards gained and allowed for OAK is 10 while with DEN, it’s 20. We expect this minor difference is significant enough for DEN to barely steal a win.

SF (-3) @ SEA; O/U 49

This should be a good regular season closer. The last time these met, Seattle won in overtime with a field goal 27-24. Currently, both have clinched wildcards, but one has to win their division. SF is 12-3, and SEA is 11-4. However, we think that the Niners will be out to win this rematch despite the noise obstacle in the stadium.

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