Week 17 Recaps

GB 23 @ DET 20

Green Bay won before they started. They were going to stay number one in the NFC North even if they lost. And now they’re number two in the NFC, which buys them a bye week. The team started out slow only to pick up int he second half scoring 20 of their 23 points.

NYJ 13 @ BUF 6

For having the No. 5 ranked defense, they lost to the Jets. However given the current state of the AFC, they were destined to make at least the wild card round. And they did. Despite only making two field goals, they’re seeded No. 5 in the AFC.

IND 20 @ JAX 38

The Colts and the Jags weren’t going to post season no matter what happened. But the Jags still played well. They kept the Colts from scoring the entire second half after they had a booming first half. JAX gained 353 net yards compared to IND’s 275.

PHI 34 @ NYG 17

The Eagles are back in postseason. They outperformed the Giants in yard by only three, but the Giants had four sacks that lost them 26 yards. Yet somehow, the Eagles managed to win by 17.

PIT 10 @ BAL 28

Baltimore is 14-2. They have the best record in the entire NFL, so it’s no surprise they beat the Steelers. The Ravens were the first and last team to score in the game.

MIA 27 @ NE 24

NE lost their bye week chance to KC. In the last few minutes of the game, MIA scored a touchdown and shot ahead of the Patriots. Mike Gesicki caught the game winning touchdown for the Dolphins. So at least the Dolphins can end their season on a high note.

TEN 35 @ HOU 14

Both teams are in the playoffs. Houston clinched the division, and Tennessee will be going for the wild card. TEN scored a whopping five touchdowns while HOU was held to two. And for those with Henry on your fantasy, good choice! He dominated with three TDs, 32 CAR, and 211 yards.

CHI 21 @ MIN 19

MIN had their starters out of the game, but CHI did manage a win. Barely. MIN’s’ second strings had three turnovers, 300 yards, 22 mins of ball time, and only 14 first downs. And they still managed to only lose by two to the Bears.

LAC 21 @ KC 31

KC has a bye! They won against the Chargers, and the Patriots lost. Even though they had nine fewer first downs, the Chargers threw two interceptions that gave the Chiefs the advantage.

CLE 23 @ CIN 33

Freddy Kitchens is fired after giving the Browns a 6-10 record. On the bright side, CIN won their second game of the season. CLE was sacked six times and lost 40 yards because of them. They even threw three interceptions. No wonder Cincinnati pulled off a win.

WAS 16 @ DAL 47

Dallas scored the most points of the day scoring three field goals and four touchdowns. But they lost their division and are out of the playoffs.

NO 42 @ CAR 10

The Saints destroyed the Panthers leading 35 to 3 at halftime. Then it looks like they pulled back offensively and only scored one touchdown in the second half. Carolina pulled off a field goal and a touchdown, resulting in their ten points..

ATL 28 @ TB 22

An OT game! They entered OT 22-22, and ATL scored the game-winning TD. In the second quarter, TB scored all 22 of their points. Otherwise, they were quiet.

ARI 24 @ LAR 31

The Rams won leaving the Cardinals with a 5-10-1 record. They scored four TDs and one field goal, but Murray and the Cardinals put up a bit of a fight. They managed three TDs and a field goal.

OAK 15 @ DEN 16

Denver won by one at home. After a quiet first quarter, the Broncos scored 10 points, 3, then 3. Oakland’s height was during the fourth when they scored 12 points.

SF 26 @ SEA 21

SF was on a roll. They were up 13-0 at halftime. But SEA is known to be a second half team. And they came back with 21 points. However, SF still scored another 13, keeping them in the lead.

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