Your Guide to the Divisional Playoffs

Round one of the playoffs is over, which means four teams four teams are gone, and we are down to eight teams. The divisional round kicks off with the Vikings meeting the Niners, and the winner goes to on to play next weekend in the Conference Playoffs. Here is your guide to the games.

Minnesota v. San Francisco

The Vikings beat the Saints last weekend in overtime 26-20, so they’ll face the Niners on Saturday at 1:35pm PST. Coming off a bye week, San Fran is projected to win, but will they?

Kirk Cousins is one TD behind Jimmy G, but he has twice as many interceptions. Jimmy G leads by over 300 yards this season. Cook and Diggs, out perform Mostert and Kittle when it comes to yards and touchdowns. However, the game isn’t always about offense. During the regular season, the Niners finished with the second best defense while the Vikings sat back in the 13th place. And the Vikings ranked 4th in post season defense. However, the Niners have yet to play a post season game, so they’re not ranked yet. And offensively, San Fran completed regular season with the fourth best offense. Now compare that to Minnesota’s 16th place…Even though Minnesota has made it this far, they’ve recently lost to the Chicago Bears (who went 8-8) and Green Bay (who is seeded #2). So most likely against the rested up 49ers, the Vikings will end their time in the playoffs.

Will Baltimore’s win streak end?

Baltimore plays the lowest seeded team, the Titans Saturday night at 5:15pm. And more than likely, the Ravens will move onto the next round.

Lamar Jackson has 36 touchdowns with only six interceptions this whole season. Opponent Ryan Tannehill has only 22 touchdowns with matching six interceptions. Baltimore hasn’t lost a game since week four, and we’re on week….19 (aka divisional playoffs). Jackson leads his team in passing and rushing yards. He has 3,127 passing yards and 1,206 rushing yards. That is about 400 more yards than Tannehill and about 300 yards behind Henry in rushing. The Ravens ended regular season with the second most yards gained per game with 407.6. Tennessee is down at 362.8.

However, Tennessee can be completely discredited. They did kick out the Patriots in 20-13. Their head coach used the Patriot’s well-used strategies when it came to handling the ball. Will they keep it up with the Ravens? And if so, is it enough to bend their 12-game winning streak?

Texans Take on the Chiefs

Houston beat Buffalo and will play Kansas City Sunday at 12:05pm PST. Currently, the Texans have a much longer injury report than the Chiefs. So, will they be ready in time? Or will they stay banged up?

Houston has AJ Moore, Kenny Stills, JJ Watt, Will Fuller, and Jordan Akins questionable for Sunday’s game, while KC has only Morris Claiborne, Travis Kelce and Chris Jones as questionable. It looks like all of Houston’s season leaders are ready for Sunday, which if Kelce is out, would be to their advantage.

Passing YardsYardsTDINT
D. Watson3,8522612
P. Mahomes4,031265
Season leaders for passing yards.
Rushing YardsYardsTDCAR
C. Hyde1,0706245
D. Williams4985111
Season leaders for rushing yards.
Receiving YardsRECYardsTD
D. Hopkins1041,1657
T. Kelce971,2295
Season leaders for receiving yards.

Houston has one of the worst defenses, but they have a strong offense. Kansas City is 16th in defense during regular season while Houston is down at 27th. And offensively, Kansas is twice as good as Houston. We expect KC to protect their turf and win this.

Seattle Plays Green bay

This could arguably be the closest game of the weekend going in. Seattle is 11-5, and Green Bay is 13-3. The Seahawks are 7-1 away, and the Packers are 7-1 home. GB is predicted to win by five points Sunday at 3:40pm PST.

Wilson leads Rodgers in yards by about 108, and he leads by five touchdowns. But Rodgers has 20% fewer interceptions than Wilson. And the Packers have Jones, who has made it clear he likes the endzone. He’s claimed 16 touchdowns this season and is the leader of the team in rushign yards. Jones and Adams (leader in receiving yards), together, make just shy of 2,000 yards. Carson and Lockett of the Seahawks combined make for 2,300 yards. But they only have 15 touchdowns combined whereas GB’s pair has 21. Seven touchdowns is huge!

The Seahawks have a better offense, but a worse defense may cause them the game. Plus Green Bay is coming off a bye week, so they’ll be rested up.

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