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Hello! I am SO sorry that I have not been able to be here as the NFL has progressed. Things got a little hectic, but as football is winding down, my second favorite sport is here… COLLEGE BASKETBALL.

College basketball is just better than the NBA. Sure, the actual talent level is significantly worse, but the NBA is just filled with a bunch of 6’10” cry babies, and I’m not about that life. I want passion, and there’s nothing like watching 19 year-olds put everything on the line for a shot at the tournament.

What’s even better than college basketball? You guessed it: GAMBLING on college basketball. Betting on college basketball is like no other because there are games on every single day and sometimes, we could literally have over a hundred games on any one day. There are 350+ Division 1 college basketball teams, and there is just no way that Vegas can successfully handicap all of those games, especially given there is limited information on so many teams. That gives us, the bettor, a nice advantage we don’t normally have.

You think I’m betting on Seton Hall/Butler tomorrow HELL NO! However, am I going to bet on Bradley vs. Missouri State? ABSOLUTELY (probably not, but that’s just an example). There are dozens of games, and hundreds of potential bets – spreads, money line, over/under, team totals, first halves, second halves, and so forth. Don’t get carried away as it’s a long season, but if you are going to bet on college basketball, stay away from high profile games and stick to those us true degenerates take advantage of.

To start off, my degenerate’s delight is

Bradley +2

Record: 19-10-1 +7.6U

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