What’s Next for Tom Brady

Coming into the 2019-2020 NFL playoffs, I could not have been more ecstatic to be a Patriots fan. Here we are again, yet another Patriots playoff run where we are the underdogs and everyone doubts us, but instead of just rolling over and giving up, we use that doubt to fuel the fire to prove them wrong with a fairytale ending that has us coming out on top and Brady securing his seventh ring. Unfortunately that is not the way things unfolded. After a painful loss to the Titans, the Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs in the Wild Card round. It was abundantly clear throughout the entire season that we had the number one defense in the National Football League but what we possessed with defensive prowess, we lacked offensively. We simply did not have enough weapons this season. And now that the season is over our most important weapon in Tom Brady is a free agent. After two decades of quarterbacking genius with the Patriots,  Brady is now on the market for any team interested. So, what does the future of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots look like? 

As of this past season, Brady was making $15 million a year playing for the Patriots. He has taken a hometown discount for the Patriots because he knows that winning is priority number one. Unfortunately, Brady has made it clear to the public that he no longer has an interest in taking a hometown discount to play for the Patriots again. This could be some bad news for us in New England. The Patriots are in the middle of the league when it comes to teams cap space with around 49 million. If we are to pay Brady what he wants and deserves, it will most likely take a pretty large hit on that remaining cap space. Without that money available, the Patriots will be unable to afford to provide the weapons needed to surround Brady to have another championship caliber team. Our offense an obvious issue last season and the Patriots need to make some changes in order to stay competitive.  

The two teams around the league that I think should be the most  interested in Brady are the Colts, and the Chargers. Both of these teams have more cap space available to use to not only sign Brady this off season, but also make some other major moves to help Brady win another title. 

The Colts are already a playoff caliber team. They have arguably the best offensive line in the league, a super star wide out in T.Y Hilton, and a strong defensive core. The tool that they are missing in order to be on top of the league is a quality quarterback. Tom Brady would not only solve the quarterback issue in Indianapolis, but he would put them in serious contention for the Lombardi Trophy. The Colts also have 92 million dollars in cap space which is the second largest amount in the league. I find it hard to believe that Indianapolis would not be interested. 

California is Brady’s home. It is where he grew up and where he has family. The Chargers could be a great fit for Brady if they part ways with Phillip Rivers. The Chargers have the sixth best defense in the league according to and upgrading from Rivers to Brady in that offense could be the solution the Chargers need to bounce back to their underperformance last season. 

As a Patriot fan, it will hurt to see Brady leave New England. He has left his mark on Boston as a legend. I believe that Brady loves the Patriots organization from the coaching staff and the players, all the way up to Mr. Kraft. It may be difficult to find a way to make a deal this off season with Brady, but I believe the Patriots will find a way.

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