Sign Stealing Scandal Fallout

Over the past few days, there has been a great amount of news to come from MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred and the league office.  Officials investigated and found that the Astros were guilty of stealing signs in an illegal manner, with the assistance of technology. At Minute Maid Park, Houston had a camera positioned in center field, allowing them to decode signs from the catcher and notify batters as to what pitch was on the horizon. The information gathered by the cameras and sent to the Astros’ replay room was shared with bench coach Alex Cora through the dugout telephone.  

As a result from the investigation, Houston has lost their first and second round picks for the next two years, a 5 million dollar fine, and one year suspensions for Manager AJ Hinch and General Manager Jeff Lunhow.  Owner Jim Crane then decided to clean house, firing both men from their positions. Alex Cora (Manager of the Red Sox) and Carlos Beltran (Manager of the Mets) have both been let go by their respective teams, due to their prior roles with the Astros.

Many baseball fanatics, notably those fond of Pete Rose, concluded that the punishment handed to the Astros was somewhat light. It raised questions about Rose’s eligibility. If Houston wasn’t stripped of their 2017 World Series win (after being found guilty of cheating), then why can’t Rose be reinstated?  For those unfamiliar with Pete Rose, he was banned from baseball in 1989 due to gambling accusations.

He was placed on the “permanently ineligible” list. Two years later, the Baseball Hall of Fame ruled that players on the permanently ineligible list are therefore banned from entering its glory.  Doesn’t it make sense to lift the lifelong ban on Pete Rose if the Astros illegally tried to gain a competitive advantage on the game and the only people suspended were the Manger and General Manager (both of whom only received a one year ban)? Yes, what Rose did was immoral, but he did nothing to illegally enhance his or his teammates play on the field.  Rose has shown great remorse for what he did, and has apologized for his wrongdoings.  

Also, note that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens are tracking towards their Hall of Fame inductions in the near future.  They are both infamous for leading the steroid era and had their stat-lines tremendously enhanced from the PED’s.  Are using performance enhancing drugs morally worse than betting on your team to win games? I believe so.  Do you know how long the first time steroid offenders get suspended for? Those guys only get an 80 game suspension, but when Rose got caught gambling, he immediately got a lifetime ban.  It’s time that Pete Rose finally receives his overdue justice and enters Cooperstown.

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