Cale Makar on the Rise

Cale Makar is only 21 years old, and he’s playing for the Colorado Avalanche. Two days after he finished his college career, he played in the NHL playoffs against the Calgary Flames. He immediately scored a goal.

Most rookies adjust to the pro-lifestyle during their first regular season, but Makar excelled and made more than one point per game on average. It wasn’t until his 31st game he committed his first penalty.

Now, adjusting to the team is one thing, but add a quick jump to stardom, and it’s more tricky. To help ease the transition, Makar moved into teammate Matt Calvert‘s basement. Calvert and his wife has a 13-month-old son who was at the age and height of getting into things due to curiosity, so they locked the door to the basement to prevent the son from getting hurt on the steep stairs. At times, this would prevent Makar from getting breakfast.

“I was like, ‘Oh boy,”’ Makar said. “I had to get something to eat.”

Instead of bothering the Calverts, he climbed out a basement window.

He earned the honor of being named “Third Star of the Week,” making him the first Avalanche rookie to be named. And he scored 18 points in 18 games, making him the second Avs defenceman to do so as a rookie. Unfortunately due to injury against the Bruins, Makar missed eight games last month, and the Avs were able to go 4-3-1. The team sees the value from Makar, so he will see plenty more time on the ice.

“When [Makar] was hurt for eight games, it hurt us a ton,” McKinnon said. “Now that he’s back, it’s definitely changed our team for the better.”

So far this season, he’s…

played in 37 games

made nine goals and assisted 24

had four penalty minutes

and three power play goals.

He’s taken 79 shots and has a 11.4% shot percentage.

Since 2015, he has won 32 awards and honors from the AMHL, AJHL, his college career, and his international recognition. This newfound fame has taken Makar by surprise, and is taking time to adjust to. One day, he was at Costco with his mom, and he was recognized in every aisle. And in December 2019 in Boston, Makar went to UMass as they raised a banner honoring his Hobey Baker Award.

“It made me a little bit uncomfortable, to be honest with you,” he said. “I’m not a guy that looks for attention like that. It was kind of weird for me to stand there and have all those people look at you. I was really honored, but it’s crazy to think just one year ago that I was playing there.”

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