Illini Second in B1G Due to Win Over Purdue

Source: Sports Illustrated | Illinois beats Purdue 79-62

On Tuesday night, Illinois beat Purdue 79-62. This led Illinois to be second in the Big Ten conference, and while Illinois cheered for their win, the game was surely eventful with the Boilermakers wining by one point at halftime, only to fall behind later.

Early in the first half, Illinois’ Alan Griffin slapped Saha Stefanovic in the midsection and then proceeded to step/stomp with his left foot on Stefanovic’s gut. Because of this, Griffin was called for a Flagrant 2 foul and was ejected from the game, making it his second ejection from a game this season.

Following the ejection, Purdue went on for a 7-0 run and tied the game. Almost everyone was sure the tide turned, and Purdue was going to win this. After all, Illinois lost momentum since Griffin is a key player during Illinois’ resurgent season. But the Fighting Illini came back. Stronger.

Starting the second half, Illinois was 11-12 from the field, and their missed shot resulted in an offensive rebound that led to an Illini three. Trent Frazier controlled the outside while Cockburn ruled the offensive glass and in the paint. He finished 22 and 15, and Frazier was 21 on 5-7 from the three.

Purdue was unable to stop Illinois, and it began in the first half. During the first half, the Illini out-rebounded Purdue 20-8, and the second half wasn’t any better for the Boilermakers. Illinois out-performed them again in rebounds with 17-11.

Illinois scored 50 points in the second half, finishing the half 15-20. And they were exceptional on free throws, too. They went 18-19 while Purdue was 13-21 for free throws.

Typically, Purdue struggles on the road and excels at home. Since February 2018, Purdue has won 15 straight Big Ten home games. And it’s been 96 games since they lost by more than 10 points at home. However, against the Illini, their streak ended and they looked fallible at home.

Now, Illinois will take their five-game conference streak to face Michigan on Saturday.

Catch the highlights below.

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