Alex Cora Parts Ways with Red Sox Organization: What Does This Mean?

On Tuesday January 14, 2020, the general manager, Alex Cora, of the Boston Red Sox “mutually agreed to agreed to part ways” with the Red Sox organization. This split comes after an investigation conducted by the Major League Baseball Association of a sign stealing scandal involving the Houston Astros during their 2017 season, which ended with a World Series victory. 

Alex Cora was part of the Houston Astros as a bench coach during their 2017 season, and then the following year, Cora was named as the general manager for the Boston Red Sox leading the team to historic season. In his first year as Head Coach of the team, Cora led the Red Sox to 108 win season That season had the most ever recorded wins in Red Sox history, as well as leading the team to another World Series win. 

Alex Cora follows, in some way, in the footsteps of previous manager, John Farell, who also led the team to a World Series win in his first year as general manager. Farell and Cora are two of five managers to lead the team to a World Series win in their first season: Cora (2018), Farall (2013), Terry Francona (2004), Ed Barrow (1918), and Jake Stahl (1912). 

What is interesting to think about after the release of Alex Cora is if the Boston Red Sox 2020 season will bring another World Series victory. But if history were to repeat itself, does this mean that after the 2020 season the Red Sox are not likely to make another World Series victory until new management comes? 

Out of the five managers of the Boston Red Sox, only Manager Terry Francona has led the team to a World Series victory that was in addition to his first year as general manager. With Alex Cora having such a successful first year with the team only to succeed that season by not making the playoffs, many fans see this change as a positive and hope the next new manager can bring more World Series runs back to Boston once more.

Looking ahead to who will lead the team for the 2020 season, fans have high hopes that former Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek may become the new general manager due to his former role and connection with the organization. 

The Red Sox plan to have a new manager hopefully before the start of spring training as pitchers and catchers report in just over a month on February 11th.  

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