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When the Jordan Documentary concluded the United States went back into the sportless world people have grown accustomed too. When the documentary was airing it was popular and had different athletes like Dwyane Wade, Horace Grant, Shaquille O’Neal weigh in. Below are some fun facts about the documentary.

  • This was the ESPN’s most viewed original production
  • It was number one treading on twitter, total 30 trending topics at one point
  • It was number one search on google in the US at its peak

What I liked

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I loved personally a lot about the documentary. They showed how great of a basketball MJ is, how great the Bulls are and showed his troubles he went through that not an average fan would know. It was great they split the documentary into two parts, the 1998 season with the Bulls and Jordan life until that final season with the Bulls.

The documentary also did a great job getting a lot of interviews and perspectives on events like Jordan’s teammates, media, family and his opponents. I do not think one group was particularity centered on the most which I think was good as it brought a diverse mix.

The footage’s of the games and basketball playing moments were phenomenal. They gave different perspectives during timeouts, during halftime and after the game. This was another way to show how talented of a player MJ really was. It was awesome to see so much hard work put into this, as this was some fans biggest reason to watch the documentary.

I also liked that they gave a backstory of other players journeys through college and how they ended up on the “Last Dance Bulls.” This add an element to understanding Michael’s teammates and their relationships with each other.

I loved how they showed Michael’s competitive side. The now coined phrase “I took it personally”, will be remembered with Mike and how much he cared about the game of basketball. Additionally, when he mentioned “I want to play ever game as if it was the first time someone is watching me”, further explained his competitive drive and absolute love for playing his very best. The stories of his gambling, constantly working out, and busy schedule eluded us to how competitive of a person Mike was.

What I did not like

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Okay, I know this will not be a fun section for people, but it needs to be addressed. There has to be a critic side to each documentary.

In some episodes, they switch back and worth between the “Last Dance” and were they were currently were in Jordan’s life. At some points, it was confusing where we were and also what just previously happened in that time line. For example, not knowing what team Jordan was playing in the final, what game he was sick by food posing (not the flu to contrary belief) and what state the team was in.

I also did not like how they portrayed Horace Grant in the film. He is known by Jordan as the one who snitched to Sam Smith of how Jordan was an aggressive teammate and could be hard on his teammates. Though in the documentary he said he didn’t do it and after it was released stated again it was not him. Additionally, they pitied the Bulls against “Horace and his Magic”, once again showing that he lift the bulls to fuel the Magic to a championship run. This portrayed him as the antagonist against Jordan’s Bulls.

Lastly, this was not the documentaries fault but the repeat ads were quite annoying. The repeated cheesy state farm jokes, portal by Facebook are the main two that come to mind. Only some people experienced this if you watched the documentary on the ESPN app, but this is one small thing that to small people can be a major annoyance. I ponder why they did not add more interviews with players, and celebrities during the commercials. I thought it would be a popular segment to do.

What could have been improved

Was Michael Jordan really cut from his high school team?

In anything there can always be room for improvement. That is a fact of life. Here are some things that I thought could be improved.

I think the documentary should have went farther into Dennis Rodman life and backstory. The documentary did do a good job showing his life, I just belief they could have done more as really only one episode was partly dedicated to this. He has a very interesting personality and a lot of people have an opinion on him and is a very controversial figure. I believe it would have increased views and also added an extra untold element about the film.

As I mentioned before, the documentary could have went into further detail with Dennis Rodman, same case can be made for Phil Jackson. People argue how well the Bulls would have done without Phil and the triangle offense. Would they still have won six championships? I strong case can be made for no they won’t and although ESPN made a ESPN+ Detail about Phil and the Triangle offense, I still think more could be done for this legendary coach.

I think more should have been told about his family and especially his relationship with his father. I believe they harped a lot on how much he meant to him but did not always show it as well as they could. I do understand that big portion should be about his playing days, but to better understand Mike and why he plays it is needed to understand his relationships.

Concluding, the documentary talked about the famous success story of how he was cut from JV and how his parents persuaded him to try again. Though I wish this went more in depth with possibly more interviews from the coach that cut him, his brothers and kids on the JV team. I know this is a lot to ask but this success story is an extremely well-known one and one that has been told through generations. If a kid doesn’t make a team and was discouraged, a parent may say “you know the great Michael Jordan, well he actually did not make his Junior varsity team back in high school. Then the kid could be astonished and work harder and fight through the doubt they felt. I think if the documentary touched on this more it could reunite the spark in some kids who were starting to give up.

Final Thoughts and Future

Michael Jordan's Life Before He Became an NBA Star - Biography

Overall though, like I said earlier it was a fantastic documentary and will be some of sports fans favorites. People are now looking forward to Tom Brady having a documentary, I do not quite understand why in 2021 as he could still be playing but it will be a highly anticipated one nevertheless. Also LeBron James and a more-in depth Michael Phelps documentary are some examples as well. I think this opens the door to many possibilities for ESPN because it was very popular, easily accessible, and had a lot of parts to keep people engaged.

Thank you for reading.

-Martin Dale

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