NFL Deep Dives

NFL Draft Recap: AFC West

Taking a dive into the AFC West team’s drafts.

NFL Draft Recap: NFC North

Reviewing the draft selections made by the NFC North and how I rank them best on best to worst in the division.

NFL Draft: AFC North

Tackling the AFC North Draft Recap!

Post 2020 NFL Draft Off-season Winners Thus Far

Miami Dolphins When you’re the team with the most salary cap space and selections in the first two rounds of the draft, certain expectations are put in place.  From top to bottom, it was evident that Miami desperately needed to upgrade their roster.  The Dolphins were smart with […]

NFL Draft Recap: NFC East

Taking a dive into the NFC East draft recap ranking them from best to worst.

NFL Draft Recap: AFC East

Here is part 1 of my 8 part recap: stsrting with the AFC East!

2020 NFL Mock Draft Round 1

2020 NFL Draft kicks off tomorrow night. (photo via

Who Said Anything About the Championship Games?

Conference Championship Sunday, the day that determines which two opponents will be going to Hard Rock Stadium to face one another in Super Bowl LIV.  With San Francisco, Green Bay, Kansas City and Tennessee still standing, four teams each having conquered different paths are now only two wins […]


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