Monday Night Football

Colts and Saints Looking For a Win

If New Orleans wins tonight, they will become the fifth team with an 11-3 record after this week’s games. The Saints are coming off an exciting loss against the 49ers. Last week, that game scored a combined a 94 points (48-46). In the last seconds, the 49ers pull […]

There Can Be Only One Winner

Seven years ago, Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson were drafted, but neither of them were selected in the first two rounds. Wilson was the 75th pick, and Cousins waited until the 102nd. Since 2012, the two have played well. This season, Wilson has the Seahawks at a 9-2 […]

Goff Could Learn From Jackson

Ravens’s quarterback, Lamar Jackson isn’t 23 years old yet, but he’s turning heads. He’s fierce, and he’s good. He is definitely an improvement from Joe Flacco (who’s now on the Denver Broncos). And Jared Goff of the LA Rams has never been exceptional, even last year when the […]

No Matter What Happens the SF 49ers Will Remain #1 in NFC West

This isn’t about moving divisional standings. It’s about if the Seahawks can beat the undefeated 49ers.

Giants Aren’t so Giant

There were more than a few surprising upsets on Sunday. To name a few, the Ravens beat the Patriots, Miami has their first win, the LA Chargers defeated the GB Packers. Will this trend continue tonight? Will the Giants upset the Cowboys?

Miami Dolphins Look to Break Their Winless Streak

This weekend, I had the opportunity to interview Mr. Arthur Flannigan*. Flannigan is an avid fantasy football player, a die-hard Los Angeles Chargers fan, and a former fantasy football league commissioner. He also enjoys rooting for the underdog. Even though he is a Chargers fan, Flannigan had a […]