Thursday Night Football

Six and Six

Dallas has six wins and six losses, and so does Chicago. Both teams are also 3-3 away. So, who will win? The Cowboys are number one in the NFC East while the Bears are third in their division. Dallas is favored to win by three points. Defensively, both […]

JPI Guide Thanksgiving Day Football

Remember today is about more than football. Just because the NFL spoils us with three games of football on a Thursday instead of one, we shouldn’t forget to give thanks. To kick off the games, here is your JPI guide to the Thanksgiving Day football matchups. Chicago Bears […]

Texans Rematch Colts for 1st Place in AFC South

Whoever wins this one will be number one in the AFC South. Tune in tonight at 5:20pm PST.

TNF: PIT v CLE Brawl

At the end of a rather uneventful game, a fight broke out among the players. Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett tore off Pittsburgh Steeler QB Mason Rudolph’s helmet

PIT v CLE Match Up Analysis

In their last eight meetings, the Steelers are 7-0-1 against the Browns. The Browns won last week when they played the Bills in a 19-16 game. However, Cleveland isn’t consistent. They’re offense and defense is full of surprises. They beat the Ravens but lost to the Broncos. The […]

Is OAK a Better Team Despite Being the Underdog?

An AFC West divisional game between the Los Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders will take place tonight at 5:20pm PST. Both teams have won four games, but the Chargers have yet to have their bye week, so they’ve lost one more game than the Raiders. With a […]

No Masks Needed Here

Halloween is normally a time for dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating. For those of you who are foregoing the tradition and watching the undefeated Niners go against the Cardinals, this one is for you. San Francisco Overview In the first half of the season, the Niners have […]

Should MIN Be Trembling With Fear Tonight?

Thursday Night Football is what gets me through the week. It makes Friday a little more bearable. The Vikings are coming off a three-win streak, and against the Redskins, they should be able to continue it. It’ll be the third game since Washington’s former coach, Jay Gruden, was […]