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6 Tips to Placing Winning Bets on College Basketball

When betting on sports, the goal is to win more than you lose. And each sport has its own rules, stats, and is overall different. Football has yards, completions, and touchdowns. Basketball is a much quicker-paced sport and thus is different than football. And the NBA is different […]

8 Tips for Betting on Sports

1. Have realistic expectations It’s hard to be profitable when gambling, let alone on sports where there’s large room for human error. Any bettor who has a higher success rate of 50% is deemed “successful,” and that’s because they win more than they lose. But they still lose. […]

3 Common Mistakes When Betting on Sports

1. Relying on the heart Yes, your favorite team is/was good! Yes, they had that really good play/game/season! That doesn’t mean they’ll be good this time. Too many times do people bet on their favorite team simply because they want them to win. Smart betting requires research and […]

Managing Your Bankroll

Money, money, money! Who doesn’t love money? Mix that with the thrill of possibly instantly becoming rich, and you’ve got gambling. However, you should always, always bet smartly. Here are three simple steps to managing your money when betting. Determine how much you’re willing to lose. Always assume […]


Final entry on our Intro to DFS segment

Intro to DFS: Part 2

Part 2 of Intro to DFS:
Scoring System and Types of Contest

Intro to DFS: Part 1

Daily Fantasy Sports was introduced as an alternative to season long fantasy leagues. It allowed users to compete in daily competitions with the instant gratification of a payout similar to that of sports gambling – without the shady oversea/underground bookies. DFS has since gained massive popularity across all […]

$150 Billion of Illegal Sports Betting

Sports betting is currently fully legal in 13 states and Washington D.C.: Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Rhode Island. Sports betting was federally banned in 1992 (except in four states), and the ban was lifted May […]


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